MacGregor, Mrs Alice Livingston (nee Phelps) 12.may.1856-4.jun.1936 USA NY, Albany - Minnesota, St Paul
1894 she moved to Duluth Minnesota, 1904-1936 she lived in St Paul ; daughter of William Franklin Phelps (15.mar.1822-15.aug.1907 St Paul) and Caroline Chapman Livingston (Albany dec.1820-12.mar.1903 St Paul) ; step-daughter of Crawford Livingston sr. (22.oct.1811-5.nov.1848) ; 3.jun.1873 she married Willard A Smith (1853-) ; 1894 she married and 1904 widowed of Alexander T MacGregor (1856-1904) ; step-sister of Crawford Livingston jr. of St Paul (New York 6.may.1848-16.nov.1925 New York) who sent her a telegram from St Paul to New York on 17.apr.1925

Title Parts

[] Minnesota "Land of promise". A State Song
words and music A. L. MacGregor
pub Howard, Farewell & Co., St Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota

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