Mahon, Bertha 'Berte' 'Bertie' Emmett Adams 16.aug.1893-16.may.1985 Australia, Melbourne Fairfield - England Sussex, Chichester
singer, songwriter, lyricist, studied music with Gustave and Madame Slapoffski in Australia, c1904 her family moved to England where she appeared as singer in musical comedy and in leading London and provincial music halls, 1924-1925 residing at 52 Upper Brook Street Grosvenor Square in London, 1934-1939 at 29 Cleveland Square in London Hyde Park, 22.jul.1948-9.jan.1950 she resided with husband and daughter in Australia, 1948 residing at 3 Spanish Place Mansions at Manchester Square London, 1966 at Green Trees Sidleshain near Chichester ; daughter of
doctor of medicine George Thomas Cooke Adams (Australia, Sydney Paddington 10.jun.1866-23.jun.1934 USA Michigan, St Joseph) and Bertha Maud Beatrice Emmett (Australia, Melbourne Sandhurst 1868-2.apr.1939 England, London Paddington, 29 Cleveland Square) ; sister of composer Archibald Emmett Adams (Australia, Sydney 1889-30.oct.1938 England, London Paddington) ; 1921 at St George Hanover Square in London she married physician Dr. Edward MacMahon Mahon (London Camberwell 1887-20.jun.1966 Chichester) ; daughter singer Mavis June MacMahon Mahon (London 19.jun.1923-2003 Chichester)

Title Parts

[] How lonely is my heart!
words J. MacMarne, music Berte Emmett Adams
copyright J. MacMarne and Berte Emmett Adams 10oct1909
copyright renewal J. MacMarne and Berte Emmett Adams 6sep1977
pub Chappell & Co., London 1949

[] Three weeks of bliss with you. Song. Voice and piano
dedication: Dedicated to Miss Marga La Rubia
words A. Emmett Adams
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd., London 1917

[] When twilight calls, the Royal Magazine prize song. Voice and piano
words and music Bertie Adams
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1918

[] Lonesome. Song. Voice and piano
words and music Bertie Adams
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1919

[] The toast "Here's to the luck of the Navy". Voice and piano
sung by Miss Ella Shields
words Peggy Connor
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1919

[] My life belongs to you. Song
words Peggy Connor
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1919

[] Green jade maid. from Pretty Peggy 1919
words Peggy Furber, music A. Emmett Adams
copyright A. Emmett Adams 25feb1920
copyright renewal Berte Adams, London 18apr1947

[] The road to love "Pretty Peggy". Song from the Musical Play
words Peggy Connor
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, London 1920

[] The night watchman. 1927
[] The score of Lumber Love. 1928
the successful British musical play
music Bertie Adams and A. Emmett Adams, lyrics Leslie Stiles
a selection published by Lawrence Wright Music Co., London 21feb1928
[] - Rolling the log
[] - Mountains of my home
[] - Always cry for the moon
[] - My Man. Waltz
[] - Oh love, this wonderful night
[] Home, beloved, to me
words Bertie Adams (i.e. B. Mahon) and Harry H. Hockley, music A. Emmett Adams
copyright Berte Mahon and Edward Mac Mahon Mahon, London 12oct1945

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