Marez Oyens (nee Wansink), Woltera 'Tera' Gerharda de (fem) 5.aug.1932-29.aug.1996 Netherlands, Velsen - Hilversum
pianist, 1953 graduated from Amsterdam Conservatory, studied piano with Jan Ode, composition with Hans Henkemans, conducting with Frits Kox and electronic music with Gottfried Michael Koenig at Utrecht University ; she married composer Gerrit Hendrik de Marez Oyens (Den Haag 7.sep.1922-) ; 8.mar.1975 she married M S Arnoni ; 23.may.1996 she married writer Marten Toonder (Rotterdam 2.may.1912-27.jul.2005 Laren) ; mother of composer Cas de Marez Oyens

Title Parts

From death to birth
Contrafactus. String quartet. 1981
Dufy Quartet. NM Classics 92018

Violin concerto "Structures and dance". 1986
Robert Szreder, Netherlands Radio CO / Kenneth Montgomery

Linzer konzert. Accordion and orchestra
Alfred Melichar, Netherlands Radio SO / Lawrence Renes

2000-10-28 22:37:46