Margetson, Arthur Charles 27.apr.1897-13.aug.1951 England, London Westminster - London Willesden
actor, singer, 13.jun.1897 baptized at St John's Wood All Saints in London Westminster, 4.mar.1925 with his wife actress Rosamond he lived as actor in New York City, 12.apr.1928 with his wife actress Vera, by 16.jan.1936 he had settled permanently with his wife actress Agnes in New York City, 1940 residing at West 56th Street, 1941 at 269 West 11th Street, 1949 he lived with his wife Barbara J Margetson (1913-) at Van Dorn 150 West 58th Street, although mainly living in New York City he never applied for American naturalization and also remained active as actor in London ; son of composer Edward John Margetson and Marion Stocqueler Wardroper (Sussex, Brighton 1857-19.feb.1931 London Cricklewood) ; 1918 he married actress Rosamond B (Birmingham 1898-) ; 1928 he had married actress Vera Alice L (London Thornton Heath 1904-) ; 1936 he married actress Agnes E Zetterstrand (Connecticut, Naugatuck 3.apr.1902-21.aug.1981 Florida, Atlantic Beach) ; 1949 he had married Barbara J (London 20.oct.1913-20.oct.1992 Sussex, Horsham)

Title Parts

[] My farm. Song
words and music Arthur C. Margetson
printed for the composer by W. Paxton & Co., London 1917

[] Two Songlets. p1922 [] 1 - Cupid
[] 2 - Something about you
[] The doorstep. That's all!. p1922
[] Knives to grind. p1922
[] Run away from me (as featured in Kid Boots). p1926
[] For all or nothing (from Naughty Cinderella). p1931
[] Love me (from A good woman, poor thing). Chant et piano. p1933
words and music Arthur Margetson
pub Chappell, Paris 1934

[] Anybody but you (from Back your fancy)
words and music Arthur Margetson
pub Keith, Prowse & Co., Ltd., London 25feb1938

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