Marshall, Charley f1933-f1965 ?, ? - ?, ?
not identifiable with any of the other composers named Charles Marshall ; the 3 listed compositions are his only copyrighted compositions up to 1977

[the composer of at least the first listed song may have been:
Marshall, Charles Hammond jr. 9.feb.1898-23.jun.1972 USA Kansas Cloud county, Solomon - California, Sacramento
radio announcer, entertainer, artist, 1927-1930 as radio announcer residing at 2290 Chestnut Street in San Francisco, 1935 residing in Redwood City California, 1940-1941 as radio entertainer and technician residing at 976 North 1st Street in San Jose California, 1945 as entertainer and artist residing at 1805 Pine Street in San Francesco ; son of retail merchant clothing Charles Hammond Marshall sr. (Kansas 1860-) and Erminie Bartlett (Kentucky 1865-) ; 1923 he married Margaret E (Germany 1897-)]

Title Parts

[] Uncertain
words and melody by Hal Blair and Charles Marshall
copyright Hal Blair and Charles Marshall, Redwood City (near San Francisco), California 26oct1931
[this composition may be by another Charles Marshall than the following compositions]

[] Pleasant Hill bus tragedy (near San Francisco)
words Inez Hickman, melody Charley Marshall
copyright Elmer Edgar Clark 17mar1933

[] Ballad of Sutter's Mill (Coloma, California near Sacramento)
words Vincent 'Vince' W. Lambert
music Charley Marshall
copyright Charley Marshall and Vincent W. Lambert 14jun1965

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