Melle (ne Mellay), Gilbert 'Gil' John 31.dec.1931-28.oct.2004 USA NY, New York - California, Los Angeles Malibu
painter, jazz saxophonist, pioneer in electronic music, 1948 played at clubs in New York City, 1964 moved to Los Angeles writing music for film ; he was abandoned by his parents at age 2 and raised in New Jersey by Howard Richard Hall (Washington DC (born abroad in Brighton England) 24.nov.1888-22.dec.1950 New Jersey, Bloomfield) and Ethel 'Etta' Pranz (Lithuania 26.oct.1908-1.jul.1964 New Jersey, Morristown), 1940 he was no longer with this family ; 25.mar.1955 in Chicago Gilbert John Mellay married Jacqueline Parker (Chicago 28.jan.1933-) and divorced September 1966 in Marin California ; 14.dec.1975 in Las Vegas Gilbert John Mellay married Denise Cynthia Haladej (Canada or England 8.jan.1929-)

[US Social Security gives Gilbert J Mellay 31.dec.1930-28.oct.2004 Malibu ; Grove/Kernfeld 2002 gives born Riverside California which seems to originate from Reclams Jazzfuhrer 1971, but the California Birth Index does not include a Gilbert or John Mellay]

Title Parts

[J] Under Capricorn
Gil Melle baritone sax, Eddie Byrd trombone, Tal Farlow guitar, Clyde Lombardy bass, Joe Morello drums r1953

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