Membree (Membre), Edmond 14.nov.1820-10.sep.1882 France, Valenciennes - Paris, Domont villa Montmorency
studied at the Conservatoire Paris, with Pierre Joseph Guillaume Zimmermann, piano with Charles Valentin Alkan, harmony with Victor Dourlen, composition with Michele Carafa, 1834 thirth and 1836 first prize solfege, 1875 chevalier of the Legion d'honneur, 1878 president of the Societe des Compositeurs

[Baker 1900 gives his place of death erroneously as Chateau Damont]

Title Parts

Trio. Piano, violin and cello
Page, ecuyer, capitaine. Ballade
Romeo et Juliette
Chanson d'amour
Polypheme et Galatee. Cantata. Soloists, choir and orch
Francois Villon. Opera. Opera, Paris 20apr1857
libretto Edmond Got

Oedipe roi. Tragedy. Comedie Francaise, Paris sep1858
libretto Jules Lacroix

Fingal. Cantata. Reciters, choirs and orchestra. L'Union, Paris 14may1861
La fille de l'orfevre. Opera. Baden-Baden 27jul1863
libretto Foussier and Leroy

L'esclave. Opera. Theatre Italienne, Paris 15jul1874
libretto Barbier, Foussier and Got

Les Parais. Opera. Theatre Chatelet, Paris 13nov1874
libretto Hippolyte Lucas and Leroy

La courte echelle. Opera. Opera Comique, Paris 10mar1879
libretto Charles de la Rounat

Freyghir. Opera. (not staged)
libretto Got and Foussier

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