Mengelberg, Kurt Rudolf 1.feb.1892-13.oct.1959 Germany, Krefeld - Monaco, Beausoleil near Monte Carlo
musicologist ; nephew of Willem

Title Parts

Chamber music. Song cycle on text James Joyce 1 - Strings in the earth and air
2 - Lean out of the window
3 - Winds of May, the dance on the sea
4 - My dove, my beautiful one
5 - Because your voice was at my side
6 - Oh it was out by Donny Carney
7 - Rain has fallen all day
8 - Sleep now, o sleep now
9 - I heard an army charging upon the land
Ou magjaarse liedje. Soprano and piano
Julia Bronkhorst, Jacco Lamfers. Q Disc 97042

Dis al. Soprano, piano, flute and cello

Drinklied. Soprano, piano, flute and cello

Salve Regina. Soprano and orchestra
To van der Sluys, Concertgebouw Orkest / Eduard van Beinum. r1939

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