Messemaeckers, Goswinus (Gozewijn) Johannes (Joannes) (Johan) 7.jan.1726-28.jan.1775 Netherlands, Venlo - Venlo
violinist, choirmaster, second violinist at the Sint Martinuskerk in Venlo, 12.apr.1753 received by decree of the city an annual salary of seven rijksdaalders, 22.aug.1755 raised to ten pattacons, later choirmaster of the Sint Martinuskerk in Venlo ; 29.apr.1749 in Venlo he married Dorothea Boxwilder (Venlo 18.aug.1714-19.nov.1795) ; father of Johan Andreas Messemaeckers (1750-1832) and Antonius Messemaeckers (1752-1825)

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