Michels, Ge 19??-f1961 Netherlands, ? / Haarlem - ?, ?
organist, pianist, teacher, he played organ at the youth and school concerts of the Noord-Hollands Philharmonisch Orkest Haarlem which had begun in 1920, 1940 teacher at the Volksmuziekschool in Haarlem, 19.mar.1940 he accompanied the Bloemendaalsch Christelijk Gemengd Koor at the Nederlands Hervormde Kerk in Bloemendaal, 1941-1953 he gave organ concerts at the Grote of St Bavokerk in Haarlem, 6.sep.1953 he gave a concert at the organ with major and minor semitones at Teyler's Museum in Haarlem ; 29.feb.1940 in Haarlem C Michels nee van den Anker gave birth to a son

Title Parts

[] Passacaglia. Organ. 1935
dedication: to Jacob Bijster (organist, Haarlem 1902-1958 Haarlem)
pub Alsbach & Co. Bussum 1937

[] Sonata. 2 Pianos. 1961
composed for the piano duo Miep van Luin and Ans Bouter

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