Mlynarski, Emil 18.jul.1870-5.apr.1935 Poland, Kibarty near Suwalki - Warsaw
violinist, conductor, 1890 graduated from St Petersburg Conservatory where he studied violin with Leopold Auer, theory with Rimsky-Korsakov and composition with Anatoly Lyadov, 1894-1897 taught in Odessa, 1904-1907 and 1919-1922 director of Warsaw Conservatory, 1929 director of the Curtis Institute Philadelphia and conductor of Philadelphia Grand Opera, 1931 returned to Warsaw ; father-in-law of pianist Artur Rubinstein

Title Parts

Violin concerto no2 in d. 1917. op16
Konstanty Kulka, Warsaw National PO / Kazimierz Kord
1 - Allegro moderato
2 - Quasi notturno, andante
3 - Allegro vivace
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