Morgan, Ephie (Effie) Boyd Jones (Mrs Dewitt Morgan) 23.may.1875-7.aug.1958 USA Mississippi, Walnut Grove near Carthage - Louisiana, New Orleans
pianist, organist, music teacher, 1900 residing in Carthage, 1907-1946 in Okolona, for 40 years organist and choirmaster of the Okolona Methodist Church, member of the State Organ Guild, the Lanier Club and served as music chairman for the Mississippi Federation of Women's Clubs, she organized the Tsianina Music Club, 1946 she moved to Jackson and later to New Orleans, she was buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery in Okolona ; daughter of farmer Ephraim Harris Jones (Georgia, Greene aug.1832-1915 Okolona) and teacher Emma Williams (Carthage 12.nov.1846-19.mar.1943 Okolona) ; 14.jun.1900 she married physician Dr. Dewitt Farmer Morgan (Mississippi, Brooksville 16.oct.1868-17.feb.1940 Okolona) ; mother of writer William Dewitt 'Deck' Morgan (Okolona 1907-)

[George Earlie Shankle 1934 gives erroneously Mrs de Witt Morgan]

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[] Mississippi. Song
words Perrin Holmes Lowrey (Blue Mountain 22jul1886-2jan1971 Blue Mountain)
pub Okolona Music Club, Okolona, Mississippi 1925

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