Morton, Jelly Roll (ne Lamothe, Ferdinand Joseph) 20.oct.1890-10.jul.1941 USA Louisiana, New Orleans - California, Los Angeles
jazz pianist, baptized 25.apr.1891 at St Joseph Catholic Church in New Orleans, he claimed to have been the 'inventor of jazz' ; son of Martin Edward Joseph Lamothe (New Orleans 7.nov.1865-3.apr.1938 New Orleans) and Louise Hermance Monette (New Orleans 10.apr.1871-24.may.1906 New Orleans) ; 5.feb.1894 stepson of William Mouton (Louisiana, Lafayette jan.1870-21.mar.1911 Lafayette)

[Morton gave his birth as 20.sep.1885 ; his WWI draft registration as 13.sep.1884 ; his baptismal registration as 20.oct.1890 ; his 1921 Mexican visa as 20.sep.1890 ; the last two together prove that he was born 20 Sep or Oct 1890]

Title Parts

[J] Jelly Roll Blues. Piano. New Orleans 1905
[J] Freakish. Piano. 1915
Jelly Roll Morton

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