Moulinghen, Jean Baptiste Michel (? ne Mulligen, Johan Michael) 1751-1812 Netherlands, Haarlem - France, Paris
violinist, the name Moulinghen is french so he was either born of french or belgian parentage or the name was frenchified from the dutch name Mulligen, studied violin in Amsterdam, 1774-1809 violinist at the Comedie Italienne in Paris (according to Grove 1759-1760 at the age of 8 cellist and 1766-1809 at the age of 15 first violin), until 1790 he also played in the orchestra of the Concert Spirituel in Paris, December 1780 his name appears among those present at the funeral of his wife in a register of burials at Chatelet de Paris between 1780-1786 which has been preserved in the Centre Historique des Archives Nationales in Paris, 1809 he retired with a pension from Comedie Italienne ; brother of Louis Charles Moulinghen (Haarlem 1753-c1800 Paris) ; 1770 in Paris he married actress/opera singer Louise Frederique Schroeder (Skreudere) (Netherlands c1751-28.nov.1780 Paris, from a fatal error of a physician)

[Fetis gives his name erroneously as Moulinghem ; Eitner gives correctly Moulinghen]

Title Parts

[] 6 String quartets
pub Louis Bouin, Paris 1775

[] Symphonie periodique no1 a grand orchestre
pub by Boyer and by Baillon, Paris 1784
ms Bibliotheque Nationale Paris
performed at the Concert des Amateurs in Paris c1784

[] Comme on voit notre moulin tourner. Le tictac. Duo avec la basse continue
[] Acajou. Opera comique. Comedie Italienne, Paris 19jul1773
libretto Charles Simon Favart
pub Houbout, Paris and Castaud, Lyon 1774
arr by Moulinghen of a vaudeville earlier performed at Theatre de la Foire, Paris 1744
- Ouverture a 8 pt. in Rellstab's Verzeichnis 1790
in Eitner Acajou is erroneously listed as composer name
[] La servante justifiee. Opera. Court Theatre, Fontainebleau 9oct1773
libretto Charles Simon Favart
arr by Moulinghen of a vaudeville earlier performed at Theatre de la Foire, Paris 1740

[] Les nymphes de Diane. Opera comique. Grand Theatre, Brussels 1jun1774 and Comedie Italienne, Paris 11aug1774
par les comediens de S. A. S. Mgr. le Comte de Saxe
libretto Charles Simon Favart (first publication 1748)
arr by Moulinghen of vaudevilles earlier performed in Brussels 1jun1747 and Comedie Italienne, Paris 25sep1753

[] La bonne femme, ou Le phenix. Comedie Italienne, Paris 7jul1776
parody of Christoph Willibald von Gluck's Alceste

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