Moulinghen, Louis Charles (? ne Mulligen, Lodewijk Carel) 1753-c1800 Netherlands, Haarlem - France, Paris
violinist, the name Moulinghen is french so he was either born of french or belgian parentage or the name was frenchified from the dutch name Mulligen, studied violin in Amsterdam, according to Grove active from 1768 at the age of 15 in France, violinist and maitre de chapelle in service of prince Charles de Lorraine in Brussels, conductor of several traveling opera troupes in the provinces of France, 1785 he settled as music teacher in Paris and according to Fetis nothing is known about him since then ; brother of Jean Baptiste Moulinghen (Haarlem 1751-1812 Paris)

[Fetis gives his name erroneously as Moulinghem ; Eitner gives correctly Moulinghen]

Title Parts

[] Sinfonia periodique in E flat a piu stromenti. 2 Violins, 2 oboes o flauti traverso, 2 corni da caccia, alto viola e basso continuo
pub by Castaud in Lyon, by Magoy in Rouen and by several publishers in Paris 1784
according to Grove 2002 published in Paris 1768
ms British Museum

[] Horipheme "Les bergers". Opera. Province theatre ?Nantes 1771
libretto Montignac

[rem: the given year of performance is probably the first year of performance of the original opera, it is unlikely the performance which was arranged by Moulinghen because he was 18 years old in 1771. The same remark applies to all given years of performances of the following operas]

[] Les amants rivaux. Opera comique. Roubaix 1772
libretto Montignac

[] Les talents a la mode. Opera. Province theatre 1772
[] Le vieillard amoureux. Opera. Province theatre 1772
[] Le mari sylphe. Opera comique. Nantes 1773
[] Clarisse "Les ruses de l'amour". Opera. Bordeaux 1773
libretto Montignac

[] Les deux contrats. Opera. Province theatre 1777
[] Le mariage malheureux. Opera. Province theatre 1777
[] Sylvain. Opera
composed with Legrand and Davesne

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