Mozart, Johann Georg Leopold 14.nov.1719-28.may.1787 Germany, Augsburg - Austria, Salzburg
violinist ; father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Title Parts

Cassation "Toy symphony" in G
comp by Edmund Angerer, formerly attr to Leopold Mozart
arr of anon Berchtolsgadener musik c1760
I Solisti di Zagreb / Antonio Janigro. Vanguard 150

Sinfonia Pastorella in G. Shepherd's-horn, 2 violins, viola and double bass in 3 parts
Sinfonia da Camera in d for horn, violin and bc
Trumpet concerto in D. 1762
Wynton Marsalis
1 - Adagio
2 - Allegro moderato
Trombone concerto in G. 1757
arr of Serenade in D

Concerto in E flat for 2 horns and strings. 1752
Divertimento in B flat
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