Muhly, Nico 26.aug.1981- USA Vermont, Randolph

Title Parts

Clear music. Cello, harp and celesta. 2003
Marko Ylonen, Lavinia Meijer, Nico Muhly

Evening service. Choir and organ. 2004
Clare College Chapel Cambridge / Timothy Brown, James McVinnie
1 - Magnificat
2 - Nunc dimittis
Pillaging music. Piano, percussion and tape. 2005
Nico Muhly, Mike Truesdell

Pianotrio Common grounds. Piano, violin and cello. 2008
Storioni Trio. Bart van de Roer, Wouter Vossen, Marc Vossen

Triple concerto. Piano, violin, cello and orchestra. 2010
Storioni Trio, Britten Sinfonia / Andre de Ridder / Thomas Gould

Drones and violin. Violin and piano. 2011
Pekka Kuusisto, Nico Muhly

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