Newcomer, John B (pseu: John T Hall) 1875-14.jul.1954 USA ?, ? - NY, New York
1897-1913 as John T Hall Music Co. music publisher in New York City, 1.jan.1905 the capital was $25000 and the directors were Herman L Roth and Samuel P Epstein and the president John B Newcomer, he was also a traveling theatre manager producing musical plays, 12.oct.1903 at the Grand Theatre in Atlanta Georgia, [23.apr.1905 Suzette Hall daughter of Mrs. John T Hall of New York was bridemaid on a wedding in the Hall family], [1906 Mrs. John T Hall and the Misses Elsie and Katharine occupied their town house at 106 East 13th Street in New York City], 13.nov.1914 he was arrested and 20.nov.1915 sentenced to two years imprisonment in the federal penitentiary at Atlanta Georgia for organizing a fraudulent 'prize song contest' and defrauding 1500 amateur poets by dropping them from the correspondence list after they had paid a fee, his partner Victor Greene of the Knickerbocker Harmony Studios who induced the 6000 'winning' poets to pay $10 to have the poem set to music was acquitted

[? stepson of John T Hall who died Winter 1895/1896 in New York City and son of Mrs. John T Hall who organized the final performance of her Tuesday Evenings dancing class 7.apr.1896 at the large ballroom at Sherry's New York City]

Title Parts

The wedding of the winds. Concert waltz. Piano
also published for band, orchestra, mandolin, guitar, banjo, zither, 4 hands, and all other arrangements
pub J. H. Remick, Detroit 1896
pub John T. Hall Music Pub. Co., New York, N.Y. 1897
Ensemble Paul Godwin

[] Adlyn. Grand concert waltz. For piano, with instrumental cues
played by the Danz Symphony Orchestra with immense success
pub John T. Hall Music Pub. Co., New York, N.Y. 1897

[] Looney coons
pub John T. Hall Music Co., New York, N.Y. 1900

[] Wilhelmina waltzes
arr for orchestra George Hayes
pub John T. Hall Music Co., New York 1900

[] Battle of the waves. March and two-step. Piano
pub The John T. Hall Music Pub. Co., Inc., 1285 Broadway, New York 1901

[] Three roses, or The rose of my heart, dear, that's you. Song
words William J. McKenna
pub John T. Hall Music Pub. Co., New York City 1913

[] Parting is such sweet sorrow. Song
words Anna Abb (pseudonym of Mary Huested)
music John T. Hall (pseudonym of John B. Newcomer)
copyright Arturo Lingelbach and John B. Newcomer, New York 18apr1945

[] Who was where. Song
words Anna Aab (pseudonym of Mary Husted)
music John T. Hall (pseudonym of John B. Newcomer)
copyright L. & N. Music Publishers, New York 29apr1945

[] Flight of the atomic bomb. March and two step. Piano
copyright John T. Hall (pseudonym of John B. Newcomer) 12dec1945
pub Irving Music Pub. Co., New York

[] When Reuben comes to town. Musical comedy. Atlanta 10oct1903
libretto William Morris

[] Queen of the Moulin Rouge. Musical comedy
lyrics Vincent Bryan, after the book of Paul M. Potter
production Thomas W. Ryley at the Circle Theatre, 60th Street and B'way, New York 7dec1908

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