Garcia de Olague, frey Martinho f1684-?? Portugal or Spain, ? - ?, ?
organist, priest, 1684 infante (choirboy) of the capilla musical at the cathedral of Pamplona Spain, but since his music is in, and was named Frey in 'Libro de cyfra' of 1700-1715 he may have been one of the older members or master of the children

[other sources give his name as Martin Gracia de Olague]

Title Parts

Fabordao e versos do 1o tom. Organ
from Libro de cyfra adonde se contem varios jogos de versos e obras, e outras coriosidades, de varios autores (written in portuguese but most, if not all, music comes from Spain, including 24 pieces by Fr. Bertolomeu de Olague and 1 by Fr. Martinho Garcia de Olague). The ms does not give a name of the copyist or date of compilation but is estimated at 1700-1715. Biblioteca Municipal de Oporto Portugal

James Dalton at 1562 Flentrop organ Evora Cathedral

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