Oliver Astorga, Juan (Astorga, Jean Oliver) 1733-12.feb.1830 Spain Murcia, Yecla - Madrid
violinist, 1767 active in London, 30.mar.1776-1816 violinist of the royal chapel in Madrid

[in Eitner listed after the mss as Astorga, Giovanni Oliviero]

Title Parts

[] 6 Sonatas. Violin and cello. Madrid
[] 5 Sonatas. Viola and cello. Madrid
[] 6 Sonates a violon et basse. London 1767. op1
dedicated to Mylord Abington
pub Welcker, London as Jean Oliver Astorga

[] 12 Italian songs and duets. Voice and harpsichord. London 1768. op2
pub Welcker, London as Giovanni Oliviero Astorga

[] 6 Sonatas for 2 German flutes or violins and a bass. op3
dedicated to the Earl of Abington
pub Preston & Son, London as Giovanni Oliviero Astorga

[] Duetto per il 2 sopranos con 2 violini, viola e basso
composed by Giovanni Astroa - ? misprint for Giovanni Astorga
ms Rostock Germany

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