Olman, Israel Jacques 17.aug.1883-8.may.1968 Netherlands, Amsterdam - Den Haag
jewish choral conductor, studied with Theo Hofmeester, Frederik Roeske and Bernard Zweers, 1892 debuted as conductor, then became choir rehearser at the Nederlandse Opera, 18.apr.1934 in Barneveld he was seriously injured in a car accident in which his 70 year old father Jacques L Olman died, 1942 he moved to Den Haag, he died at the Haags Bronovo Hospital

Title Parts

[] Voordrachtstukjes. Piano - Romance
- Scherzo
- Feestklanken
Marianne Boer
Trois chansons d'amour. Tenor and piano. 1906
Marcel Beekman, Marianne Boer
- Regardez-moi
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