Olzendam, Lillian 'Lilly' Herrick Marble 7.nov.1868-22.jul.1958 USA Vermont, Woodstock - Washington, Tacoma
member of Vermont Woman's Suffrage Association (1907 Vermont Equal Suffrage Association) (1920 Vermont League of Women Voters), 1900- 1910 residing in New York Manhattan, 1920 in Woodstock, 1920 chairman of the Committee of Ratification and Republican Presidential Elector for Vermont, 1930 residing in New York Manhattan, 1935-1940 at the American Women's Association Hotel, 353 West 57th Street New York, 1947 she lived with her son Roderic in Tacoma, buried at River Street Cemetery in Woodstock ; daughter of miller Liberty Bates Marble (Massachusetts, Charlton 31.mar.1819-21.apr.1907 Woodstock) and Elizabeth Wilson Woodward (Massachusetts, Millbury 10.mar.1828-12.may.1917 Woodstock) ; 3.dec.1890 in Woodstock she married manufacturer Louis H Olzendam (NH, Manchester 8.may.1866-2.feb.1931 Manchester), they separated 1921

Title Parts

[] Song of Vermont
words Wendell Phillips Stafford (Barre Vermont 1may1861-21apr1953 Washington DC)
copyrighted by Lillian H. Olzendam 1924
pub Tremont Music Publishing Co., Boston, Massachusetts

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