Orefice (Arefece in neapolitan dialect), Anastasio [c1705]-f1728 Italy, Naples - ?, ?
choirmaster, in service of the duke of Bagnara ; supposed son of Antonio Orefice

[the estimated year of birth c1705 is valid only if he was actually the son of Antonio]

Title Parts

[] La Milla o Puro chi e lo primo vence. Opera in neapolitan dialect. Teatro Nuovo, Naples dec1726
[] La Limpia. Opera in naepolitan dialect. Teatro Nuovo, Naples 1727 and as La Zingara, Teatro Fiorentini, Naples carnevale 1728
[] Lo cecato fauzo. Opera in naepolitan dialect. Teatro Fiorentini, Naples 1727
libretto Aniello Piscopo

[] Caeli cives grati amores. Motet. Double choir 8vv, strings and orchestra
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