Osten-Sacken, Maksimilian Ernestovich fan (Maximilian d') 18??-c1920 Russia, ? / St Petersburg - ?, ?
member of a family of noble descent, originally from Courland Latvia, 1898 he contributed to the quartet evenings 'Les Vendredis' organized in St Petersburg by the timber millionaire, music patron and publisher Mitrofan Petrovich Belyayev (St Petersburg 22.feb.1836-10.jan.1904 St Petersburg)

[? related to singer Marie von Osten-Sacken ; 10.sep.1879 concerted at Schwarzhaupter and 22.aug.1885 at a Domconcert in Riga Latvia, teacher of singing in Reval Estonia and 1890 in Braunschweig Germany]

[? descendant of governor Maximilian von der Osten-Sacken (Russia, St Petersburg 14.feb.1833-29.dec.1884 Russia Georgia, Tbilisi)]

Title Parts

Berceuse in b. String quartet
Cahier I, No.6 from Les Vendredis. Recueil de pieces pour quatuor d'archets. Cahier I & II. published by M. P. Belaieff, Leipzig 1899
Haydn Quartet Berlin

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