Panne, Wim van der 22.jul.1930-25.apr.1989 Netherlands, Bodegraven - Bleiswijk
concert organist, choral conductor, studied at the Gouda Muziekschool, studied organ with Feike Asma in the Netherlands, Flor Peeters in Belgium, Arno Schonstedt in Germany and Jean Langlais in France, studied choral conducting following the Kurt Thomas course in Den Haag, organist of the Vaste Burchtkerk (Mighty Fortress Church) in Rijnsburg, later of the Martinikerk and Hervormde Oude Kerk in Den Haag Voorburg, conductor of the Christelijke Oratoriumvereniging 'Laus Deo' in Gouda, 27.mar.1971 awarded the french Medal of Honor by 'Societe des Arts, Sciences et Lettres' in Paris, between 9.may.1966 and 21.sep.1976 he made seven concert tours in the USA performing in more than 20 states sponsored by the Dutch Immigrant Society of Grand Rapids and the Netherlands Information Service in Holland Michigan, he inaugurated several new organs in Europe and the USA, for instance 9.may.1966 at Hope Church in Holland Michigan, 14.oct.1973 the new Moller organ at Trinity Episcopal Church in Atchison Kansas and 24.sep.1976 the new Cassavant organ at Faith Christian Reformed Church in Holland Michigan, Saturday 22.apr.1989 three days before his death he gave an organ concert at the Oude Kerk Voorburg

Title Parts

Aria on psalm 116 God heb ik lief. Organ
[] Variaties over "Wie maar de goede God laat zorgen". Aria en koraal over psalm 116. Organ. 1954
pub Musiscript / Universal Songs, Hilversum 1983 and 1986

[] Oranje boven. Rhapsodie voor orgel. 1983
pub Musiscript / Universal Songs, Hilversum 1987

[] Koraalbewerkingen voor orgel vierhandig. Organ 4-hands
dedication: Opgedragen aan Hans Versteegt, oprichter Johannes Orgelbouw B.V. te Ede
pub Musiscript Hilversum / Unisong Amsterdam 1984
[] 1 - Psalm 150
[] 2 - Ach, blijf met Uw genade
[] 3 - Dankt, dankt nu allen God
[] 4 - Blijf bij mij Heer
[] Ruisch o Godsstroom der genade. Organ
dedication: Opgedragen aan Herman van Vliet t.g.v. zijn 25-jarig jubileum 1961-1986
pub Musiscript / Universal Songs, Hilversum 1986

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