Papadimitriou, Dimitris I 1952-2007 Greece, Athens - ?, ?
drummer, percussionist, studied music theory with Alexander Aenian, graduated from the Athens Conservatory, since 1968 professional musician as drummer in rock, jazz, traditional, popular, tv, theatre and cinema, drummer and percussionist of the Greek Contemporary Radio Symphony Orchestra, 1978 while still a conservatory student he became member of the Athens State Symphony, 1986 principal timpanist of the orchestra of the National Greek Opera House, 1986 professor of the municipal conservatory of Lamia

Title Parts

[] Rain. Marimba. op13
[] Taxim I. Marimba. op14
[] Oenanthe. Marimba. op22
[] Agathoclea. Marimba and percussion (bongos, cymbal, bass drum, tambourine). op24
[] Jazz-Feel. Timpani. op38
[] Oriental III. Timpani. op39
[] Challenge. Marimba duet. op40
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