Parker, Leo 18.apr.1925-11.feb.1962 USA, Washington DC - NY, New York (heart attack)
jazz baritone saxophonist

Title Parts

[J] Leo Parker All Stars. Detroit 1947
Leo Parker b-sax, Howard McGhee trumpet, Gene Ammons t-sax, Junior Mance piano, Gene Wright bass, Chuck Williams drums
- Ineta. comp Gene Ammons
- Leaping Leo
[J] Detroit 1948
Leo Parker b-sax, Joe Newman trumpet, Sir Charles Thompson piano, Al Lucas bass, Jack 'the bear' Parker drums
- On the house
- Chase the lion. comp Sir Charles Thompson
[J] Leo and his Mad Lads. New York 1950
Leo Parker b-sax, James Robertson trumpet, Henry Durren t-sax, Kenny Drew piano, Curly Russell bass, Eddy Arn drums
- Rolling with Parker
- Leo leaps in
- Solitude
[J] Let me tell you 'bout it. Blue Note 4087. 1961
Leo Parker b-sax, John Burks trumpet, Bill Swindell t-sax, Yusef Salim piano, Stan Conover bass, Purnell Rice drums
- Glad lad
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