Pease, Frederick Henry Crocker 24.aug.1839-22.mar.1909 USA Ohio, Farmington - Michigan, Ypsilanti
by 1841 his family had moved to Oberlin Ohio, 1858-1909 professor of music and head at the Michigan State Normal College Conservatory (now Eastern Michigan University) in Ypsilanti, 11.oct.1915 the Pease Auditorium was named as a monument to him ; son of Peter Pindar Lawrence Pease (Massachusetts, Stockbridge 12.apr.1795-22.oct.1861 Oberlin) and Ruth H Crocker (Massachusetts, Stockbridge 5.dec.1802-15.mar.1859 Oberlin) ; 7.nov.1859 he married Josephine Antoinette Dolsen (Michigan, Royal Oak 18.jan.1840-10.nov.1877 Ypsilanti, after child birth) ; son tenor Marshall Jewell Pease (Ypsilanti 30.aug.1867-) 1889 graduate of Michigan State Normal and for 35 years teacher of singing at 17 Brady Street in Detroit ; 1886 aged 47 he married the 21 year old Abby Jean Hunter (Kalamazoo 8.oct.1865-26.aug.1953 Kalamazoo)

Title Parts

Ho! for Kanzas. 1857
words Lucy Larcom
John Aler t, Clifford Jackson bt, Peter Basquin piano/harmonium, Harmoneion Singers / John Miner

[] Song of the Kanzas emigrant. SATB quartette
pub S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland 1855

[] Plow, the rake, the hoe. SATB
pub S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland 1857

[] Old buckeye state. SATB quartette
words T. H. Perkins
pub S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland 1859

[] Angel music
pub S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland 1864

[] God bless you. Song and chorus
pub C. J. Whitney & Co., Detroit 1870

[] Song of the river. Sonatina compesed for the piano forte
pub C. J. Whitney, Detroit 1872

[] May belle. Song and chorus
dedication: To Miss Mabel W. Brainard
words William H. Woodhams
pub S. Brainard's Sons, Cleveland, Ohio 1872

[] Lura is gone. Song and chorus
words Frederic W. Hawkins
pub C. J. Whitney & Co., Detroit 1872

[] Jewett and Goodman waltz. Piano or cabinet organ
pub A. H. Brown, Jackson, Michigan 1873

[] Old clock on the stairs, a short cantata for quartette, female chorus and mixed chorus with solos for soprano, alto and tenor
words Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
pub S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland 1876

[] The mockingbird, brilliant solo and duet for contralto and soprano
words Judge A. B. Meek
pub C. J. Whitney, Detroit 1879

[] Gethsemane. Anthem for quartet or chorus, with organ accompaniment
poem by J. R. Morse
pub C. F. Summy Co., Chicago 1908

[] Break, break, break
pub J. Fischer & Bros., New York

[] Dollar or two. SATB
pub S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland

[] Memory's refrain. SATB
pub S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland

[] Pilgrim and the stranger
pub John Church, Cincinnati

[] Reaper and the flowers, quartet of women's voices and SATB
pub John Church, Cincinnati

[] Remember thy Creator. Recitative and aria
pub G. Schirmer, New York

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