Peterson, Thomas 20.may.1959- USA Minnesota, Northfield
choral conductor, 1981 BSc and BA, 1983 MA in conducting, 1982 founder/conductor of the Grand Forks Fine Arts Chorale, 1983-1985 founder/conductor of the Grand Forks Master Chorale, 1984 founder/president of Dakota Composers, 1982-1988 residing in Grand Forks North Dakota

Title Parts

[] The tale of the rings of power (and the end of the third age). Narrator, soloists, choir and orchestra. 1983
[] Fantasy of the Christtime. Soloists, choir and orchestra. 1983
[] From the song. Soprano, women's choir, guitar and marimba. 1983
[] A Viking trilogy. Men's choir and piano. 1983
[] Of Roses. 1984
[] The North. Symphony for orchestra. 1985
[] Dakota-Land. North Dakota anthem. 1986
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