Phile (ne Pfeil), Philip c1734-1.aug/9.nov.1793 Germany, ? - USA Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
violinist, played in theatre orchestras in Philadelphia and New York City, conductor of the Old American Company of Comedians, served in the Pennsylvania German Regiment during the Revolutionary War, July 1778 transferred to the Invalid Corps, 4.jan.1783 discharged, 11.jul.1785 a pension was granted, 1785-1790 residing with his wife at east Northern Liberties then a northern suburb of Philadephia, 1789-1793 at North Mulberry Ward the north of center city Philadelphia

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The president's march "Hail Columbia". Brass band. p1793
initially known as The Washington march
composed for the inauguration of George Washington 1789
text Hail Columbia by Joseph Hopkinson was added 1798
Federal Music Society Opera Company / John Baldon

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