Pierpont, James Sheldon Lord 25.apr.1822-5.aug.1893 USA Massachusetts, Boston Medford - Florida, Winter Haven (buried Georgia, Savannah)
organist, his music was published as James Pierpont or J S Pierpont or James S Pierpont, never as James L Pierpont, but Sheldon seems not to have been an officially registered given or baptismal name ; son of poet, schoolteacher, lawyer, merchant and congregational minister John Pierpont (Connecticut, Litchfield 6.apr.1785-27.aug.1866 Medford) and Mary Sheldon Lord (Connecticut, Litchfield 31.jan.1787-23.aug.1855 Medford)

Title Parts

[L] Jingle Bells or the "One horse open sleigh". Secular Christmas carol
composed in Medford 1850
while living in Savannah published as The one horse open sleigh Boston 1857
while living in Savannah published as Jingle Bells Boston 1859

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