Pinchik, Pierre Sigal (ne Segal, Pinchas) 16.mar.1893-jan.1971 Ukraine, Zhivotov near Podolia - USA, New York
jewish cantor, folksinger, pianist, as youth he studied yeshiva at the Hassidic Skverer in Zhivotov, studied voice and piano at the Conservatory in Kiev, 1918 drafted into an artist's brigade of the new Red Army he was asked to write revolutionary communist songs in Yiddish, he toured Russia as folksinger taking the name Pierre Pinchik, 1923-1926 cantor at the Leningrad Choral Synagogue, 1925 he left Russia and performed at several synagogues in Europe, 1927 he moved to the USA, where he became cantor of the Knesset Israel Nusah Sfard synagogue in Chicago, 9.nov.1937 aged 44 he became naturalized American, 1940 residing at 1517 North Austin Boulevard and 1942 at 1326 Independent Boulevard in Chicago, 1953-1960 residing at 860 Fifth Avenue in New York Manhattan ; before 1920 he was briefly married to Hebrew teacher Elisheva Adler (Belarus, Pinsk 18.nov.1895-22.jul.1977 Israel, Tel Aviv)

Title Parts

Rozo d' Shabbos (Accept the Sabbath). Voice and instruments. 1928
on a mystical Aramaic text from the Sephardi Sabbath liturgy (nusah s'fard)
Ruth Wieder Magan. Sounds True M111D

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