Anderson, Evelina (Mrs. David Porter) 30.dec.1790-12.oct.1871 USA Pennsylvania, Chester - Chester
amateur composer of songs of which one became an everlasting US standard, from marriage 1808 she lived at Greenbank House on the Delaware River a wedding gift from her parents ; daughter of US Congressman/major William Anderson (Virginia, Accomack 1762-16.dec.1829 Chester) and Elizabeth Dixon (Virginia 1765-1.aug.1841 Chester) ; 8.mar.1808 she married US Navy captain/US minister to the Ottoman empire David Dixon Porter Sr. (Boston 1.feb.1780-3.mar.1843 Turkey, Constantinople Pera) ; son US Navy admiral David Dixon Porter (Chester 8.jun.1813-13.feb.1891 Washington DC), adopted son US Navy admiral David Glasgow Farragut (Tennessee, Farragut 5.jul.1801-14.aug.1870 Maine, Kittery)

Title Parts

[] Thou hast wounded the spirit that loved thee and cherised thine image for years, an admired ballad. Piano
words and music by a Lady, later identified as Mrs. Porter
pub Frederick D. Benteen, Baltimore 1846 [by a Lady]
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1873 [by a Lady]
pub in "Our familiar songs and those who made them" by Helen Kendrick Johnson. Henry Holt & Co., New York 1881 [Mrs. Porter]

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