Prevost, Eugene Prosper 23.apr.1809-19.aug.1872 France, Paris - USA Louisiana, New Orleans
conductor, 1827 studied composition with Jean Francois Lesueur at the Conservatoire de Paris, 1837 conductor of the theatre in Le Havre, 1837-1851 conductor at Theatre d'Orleans in New Orleans, 1851-1853 he was back in France, 1853-1863 again conductor at Theatre d'Orleans, 1863-1867 at the outbreak of the war he returned to France as conductor of theatre Bouffes-Parisiens in Paris, 23.oct.1867 he settled permanently in New Orleans as director of the Locquet Institute for Young Ladies ; 26.feb.1831 in Paris he married singer Augustine Eleonore Colon Dejean Leroy (Saint-Quentin 22.jul.1807-13.aug.1893 Nantes) ; son conductor Leon Eugene (Le Havre 3.dec.1831-11.oct.1877 New Orleans) ; son composer Theodore Ritter ne Toussaint Prevost ; daughter soprano Cecile Ritter-Ciampi (Paris 22.nov.1859-1939 Bretagne, Saint-Briac) ; by 1860 until death he lived as husband and wife with Locquet Institute music teacher Desiree Provost (France 1822-) in New Orleans

[the Figaro of 9.nov.1876 published an article which completely contradicts to the above biography, it says his name was Bennet a shipbuilder and large estate owner in Marseille and salon owner in Paris, not a musician, who took his son's adopted name Ritter ; this fiction seems to originate from Berlioz]

Title Parts

[] La mort de Cleopatre
2e Prix de Rome 1829

[] Bianca Capello. Cantata
Prix de Rome 1831

[] Cosimo. Opera bouffe. Opera-Comique, Paris 13oct1835
libretto Saint-Hilaire and P. Duport

[] La chaste Susanne. Opera comique. New Orleans 1845
[] Alice Clari. Opera. New York 1846
[] Blanche et Renee. Opera comique. New Orleans 1861
libretto L. Placide Canonge Esq.
performed by students of the Loquet Institute directed by the composer at Old Fellows Hall, New Orleans 29jun1871

[] L'illustre Gaspard. Opera comique. Opera-Comique, Paris 11feb1863
libretto F. A. Duvert and A. Lauzanne de Varoussel

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