Prooijen (Prooyen), Cornelius Anton van 22.nov.1939-28.apr.1994 Netherlands, Rotterdam - Terneuzen
1981 he resided in Terneuzen Zeeland, 1984 one of his scores was selected by Donemus for the exposition of graphical scores 'Kijken naar Muziek' at the Stadschouwburg in Maastricht ; son of Cornelis Anton van Prooijen (1911-28.nov.1978 Rotterdam, Schoolstraat 10) and W Bentsnijder ; he married Sylvia G de Ridder ; sons Alexander and Kornaleijne

Title Parts

Invention for a week. Piano. 1981
[] Fun for 5. Percussion. 1974
pub Donemus, Amsterdam 1975

[] Composition sng. Flute, instruments, voices and tape. 1974
pub Donemus, Amsterdam 1975

[] Sea fantasy. Voice, double choir, instruments and tape. 1974
pub Donemus, Amsterdam 1975

[] N(umber) n(ine). 2 Voices, prepared piano, percussion, sound track tape and chorus
pub Donemus, Amsterdam 1975

[] Children's colours, 14 compositions for piano. 1984
in opdracht van en opgedragen aan de Provincie Zeeland

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