Purdy, William Thomas 28.feb.1882-31.dec.1918 USA NY, Aurora - Aurora (tuberculosis)
pianist, organist, studied at Hamilton College in New York City, leader of the Hamilton College Mandolin Club, 1906 teacher piano and voice at Drexel Conservatory of Music in Chicago, leader of the University of Wisconsin Glee Club in Madison, 1918 he sold the copyright of 'On Wisconsin'

Title Parts

[] On, Wisconsin!. March song. 1909
originally a football song for the University of Minnesota titled "Minnesota, Minnesota"
words Carl Beck 1909
first performance University of Wisconsin Glee Club 19nov1909
pub Joseph Flanner, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1910
in University of Wisconsin Songs, Collection of songs of the University of Wisconsin, published by the University of Wisconsin, Club of Chicago and the Class of 1910, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 1920
arr for band by Harry L. Alford was published by the College Music Agency and Melrose Music 1909

[] On, Wisconsin!. March song. 1913
words judge Charles D. Rosa and Beloit Free Press editor J. S. Hubbard 1913
unofficial state song of Wisconsin since 1913, officially adopted 11jul1959

[] On, Wisconsin!. March song. 1927
words Dr. Philip A. Forsbeck 1927
copyrighted by the Willys Overland and Flanner-Hofsoo's Music House Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1sep1927

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