Rae, Allan McLean 3.jul.1942- Canada Alberta, Blairmore near Lethbridge / 1966-2002 Calgary
trumpeter in the Canadian Army Band, 1963 graduated in composition and arranging from Berklee College of Music Boston, 1966-1970 conductor for CBC Calgary tv and radio, 1970-1973 studied electronic music with Samuel Dolin at the Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto, 1970-1973 on the faculty of Royal Conservatory, before 1991 board member Canadian League of Composers, 1991 composer-in-residence for Alberta Theatre Projects in Calgary, 1991 instructor at the University of Calgary, has written numerous works for Canadian television, radio, theater, musicals and concert stage

Title Parts

[] Symphony no1. 1972
[] Symphony no2. 1978
[] Symphony no3. 1978
[] Concerto no1. Harp, string bass and piano. 1976
[] Concerto no2. Harp, string bass and piano. 1977
[] Concerto no3. Harp, string bass and piano. 1978
[] String quartet no1. 1967
second prize in Second Century Week Composition Competition, University of Calgary 1967

[] String quartet no2. 1971
[] Suite of modes. Jazz. 1966
[] Sleeping giant. Jazz. 1967
[] Concerto. Violin and string ensemble
[] A Prayer. Choir, orchestra and jazz group. 1969
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