Renard, Antoine Aime 14.feb.1825-9.may.1872 France, Lille - Paris
tenor singer, chansonnier, son of a carpenter from Liege Belgium, he auditioned as a young singer for the choirmaster Dietsch of the Paris Opera who recommended him to the director Nestor Roqueplan and both managed to get him at the Conservatory of Music where he studied with Reval for three years, 1852 he made his opera debut in Nimes in the role of Eleazar in La Juive, 1856 he debuted at the Paris Opera with such great success that Alphonse Royer offered him a contract starting 18.jun.1857, he also sang at Palais de Cristal and Casino des Galeries Saint Hubert, 15.aug.1859 he sang a memorable cantata 'Retour de l'armee', 1861 he lost his voice due to a disease and had to continue as singer in minor theaters and cafe's in the provinces of France and Belgium, 1868 he sang at the Eldorado in Paris but the disease further progressed and from 1870 aged 45 he had to give up singing entirely

Title Parts

Le temps des cerises. 1867
words Jean Baptiste Clement (1836-1903)
dedication: Hommage a Mlle Pierat de la Comedie Francaise
pub Emile Benoit, Paris
Jean Corti accordion. MS 01

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