Richards, John 'Johnny' (ne Cascales y Arrue, Juan Manuel Ricardo) 2.nov.1911-7.oct.1968 Mexico, Queretaro - USA NY, New York (brain tumor)
violinist, banjoist, trumpeter, saxophonist, film composer, jazz arranger, 4.aug.1919 emigrated with his mother from Queretaro to San Antonio Texas USA where his father was boarding at Hotel Victoria, 1920 the family resided at 419 Cottage House in Los Angeles, 1923-1930 at 309 North Brand Boulevard in Los Angeles San Fernando California, 1931 BA from Syracuse University, MM from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles where he also studied with Arnold Schoenberg ; son of merchant Juan (John) Cascales y Valero (Spain Murcia, Fortuna 22.jan.1879-) and concert pianist/music teacher Maria Celia Arrue (France, Paris 14.dec.1884-1.sep.1963 Los Angeles) ; brother Jose Luis (Joseph Louis) (Queretaro 14.sep.1910-20.jun.1946 Los Angeles) ; brother Carlos Guillermo (Charles William) (Queretaro 16.may.1915-27.dec.2007 Sherman Oaks) ; sister Maria Angeles (Queretaro 6.sep.1917-12.aug.1968 Los Angeles)

[Reclams 1971 gives erroneously born Schenectady New York ; Grove Jazz 1988 gives erroneously grew up in Schenectady ; 1931 BA from Syracuse University seems unlikely too]

Title Parts

[L] La quera baila. 1956
Stan Kenton Orchestra. Capitol 96260

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