Roon, Marjolijn van (fem) 1954- Netherlands, Baarn
recorder player, writer on ethnomusicology, 3.nov.1962 aged 8 she already made the newspapers with her musical poetry (including an accompanying picture like a 'model' showing her trophee), studied recorder with Marion Verbruggen at Utrecht Conservatory, 1979 she presented the radio program 'Avro-Academie. Blokfluit spelenderwijs (Recorder playfully)', 1993 graduated in musicology from Amsterdam and Utrecht Conservatory, teacher recorder at the ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle

Title Parts

[] Album Silk. Q Disc 97012 (1999) 1 - Haiku I. Autumn, breath. Recorder and electronics
6 - Haiku II. Winter, sunbeam. Recorder and electronics (organ)
9 - Haiku III. Spring, grass. Recorder and electronics (organ)
12 - Haiku IV. Summer. Electronics. comp with Michiel Mensingh
10 - Transaction, fugue. Recorder and electronics (accordion)
15 - Moonsbreath, silk. (on a prelude by JS Bach) Recorder and electronics (organ)
Electronics composed by Anke Brouwer with recorder improvisations and poetry by Marjolijn van Roon
[] Kage. Recorder and tape
composition by or with Roderik de Man
Marjolijn van Roon. CD "Ecoute, ecoute!, acoustical & electroacoustical chamber music". Emergo 2001

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