Russian names

This website and corresponding database (both available from the homepage) uses a strict naming convention for the names of russian composers
All common usage spellings of russian names have been changed into the direct transliteration from standard russian cyrillic
This table is an aid in finding the direct transliteration from standard russian cyrillic of some russian composers who are often named by common usage spellings
For composers not born in Russia the column 'transliteration' gives the spelling from the country of birth
On the website firstnames are never given in common usage spelling but only in direct transliteration from standard russian cyrillic. Never include firstnames in a search
In the database firstnames are left in the spelling as given at the indexed websites. Never include firstnames in a search (it may result in zero records found even when there are actually hundred's)

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Abelievic see: Abeliovich
Abeliovic see: Abeliovich
Abeliyevich see: Abeliovich
Abeliyovich see: Abeliovich
Abramski see: Abramsky
Adaevskaja see: Adayevskaya
Adaievski see: Adayevskaya
Adaievsky see: Adayevskaya
Adaiewski see: Adayevskaya
Adaiewsky see: Adayevskaya
Adajevska see: Adayevskaya
Adajevski see: Adayevskaya
Adajevsky see: Adayevskaya
Adajewska see: Adayevskaya
Adajewski see: Adayevskaya
Adajewsky see: Adayevskaya
Adalewski see: Adayevskaya
Adalewsky see: Adayevskaya
Schultz Adajewsky see: Adayevskaya
Shults Adayevskaya see: Adayevskaya
Admoni Krasny see: Admoni (german)
Adjemian see: Adzhemyan
Adzemjan see: Adzhemyan
Ajemian see: Adzhemyan
Ajemyan see: Adzhemyan
Afanasev see: Afanasyev
Afanasieff see: Afanasyev
Afanasiev see: Afanasyev
Afanasiew see: Afanasyev
Afanasjev see: Afanasyev
Afanasjew see: Afanasyev
Afanassiev see: Afanasyev
Afanassiew see: Afanasyev
Afanassjev see: Afanasyev
Afanassjew see: Afanasyev
Afanisev see: Afanasyev
Agadshikov see: Agadzhikov
Agadzikov see: Agadzhikov
Agafonikow see: Agafonnikov
Agafonow see: Agafonov
Agreneff see: Agrenev
Aiwasjan see: Aivasyan
Aivasian see: Aivazyan
Aiwasian see: Aivazyan
Ayvazian see: Aivazyan
Ayvazyan see: Aivazyan
Aisberg see: Aizberg
Aysberg see: Aizberg
Achmetov see: Akhmetov
Akmetov see: Akhmetov
Achron see: Akhron
Achsharumov see: Akhsharumov
Achsharumow see: Akhsharumov
Akcharoumoff see: Akhsharumov
Jakymenko see: Akimenko
Yakymenko see: Akimenko
Aksenoff see: Aksyonov
Aksenov see: Aksyonov
Aksenow see: Aksyonov
Aksionov see: Aksyonov
Aladau see: Aladov
Aladav see: Aladov
Aladow see: Aladov
Albrekht, Karl see: Albrecht (german)
Albrekht, Konstantin see: Albrecht (german)
Albrecht, Eugen see: Albrekht (russian)
Albrecht, Georg (1891-1976) see: Albrekht (russian)
Albrecht, Ludwig see: Albrekht (russian)
Alexandrof see: Aleksandrov
Alexandroff see: Aleksandrov
Alexandrov see: Aleksandrov
Alexandrow see: Aleksandrov
Alexandrova see: Aleksandrova
Alexandrova Kochetov see: Aleksandrova Kochetova
Kochetova see: Aleksandrova Kochetova
Kotschetova see: Aleksandrova Kochetova
Kotschetowa see: Aleksandrova Kochetova
Alexejew see: Alekseyev
Aleneff see: Alenev
Alferaky see: Alferaki
Alpheraki see: Alferaki
Alpheraky see: Alferaki
Ali-Sade see: Alizade
Ali-Sadeh see: Alizade
Ali-Zade see: Alizade
Alizadeh see: Alizade
Ali-Zadeh see: Alizade
Aloiz, Vladislav see: Alois (czech)
Altschuler see: Altshuler
Alabieff see: Alyabyev
Alabiev see: Alyabyev
Alabiew see: Alyabyev
Alabjeff see: Alyabyev
Alabjew see: Alyabyev
Alabyev see: Alyabyev
Aliabev see: Alyabyev
Aliabiev see: Alyabyev
Aliabyev see: Alyabyev
Aljabiev see: Alyabyev
Aljabjev see: Alyabyev
Aljabjew see: Alyabyev
Aljabyev see: Alyabyev
Alyabev see: Alyabyev
Alyabiev see: Alyabyev
Amany see: Amani
Amfiteatrof see: Amfiteatrov
Amfiteatroff see: Amfiteatrov
Amfitheatrof see: Amfiteatrov
Amfitheatrov see: Amfiteatrov
Amphiteatroff see: Amfiteatrov
Amirow see: Amirov
Andrejew see: Andreyev
Antiufeiev see: Antyufeyev
Antiufeyev see: Antyufeyev
Antjufeev see: Antyufeyev
Antjufejew see: Antyufeyev
Antjufeyew see: Antyufeyev
Antufeyev see: Antyufeyev
Antyufeev see: Antyufeyev
Apanawitschjus see: Apanavicius
Arakchiyev see: Arakishvili
Arakichvili see: Arakishvili
Arakischwili see: Arakishvili
Arakisjvili see: Arakishvili
Arakisvili see: Arakishvili
Araqisvili see: Arakishvili
Arapow see: Arapov
Arenski see: Arensky
Arenskij see: Arensky
Arenskyj see: Arensky
Aristakesian see: Aristakesyan
Aristakesjan see: Aristakesyan
Aristakessian see: Aristakesyan
Ark, von see: Ark, fan (russian)
Fan Ark see: Ark, fan (russian)
Arkadev see: Arkadyev
Arkadiev see: Arkadyev
Arkadjev see: Arkadyev
Archangelski see: Arkhangelsky
Archangelskij see: Arkhangelsky
Archangelskiy see: Arkhangelsky
Archangelskj see: Arkhangelsky
Archangelsky see: Arkhangelsky
Arhangelskij see: Arkhangelsky
Arkhangelski see: Arkhangelsky
Arkhangelskii see: Arkhangelsky
Archimandritov see: Arkhimandritov
Arhimandritov see: Arkhimandritov
Armenian see: Armenyan
Armenjan see: Armenyan
Armjenjan, Georg see: Armenyan, Gevorg
Armjenjan, Gevorg see: Armenyan, Gevorg
Armjenjan, Gevork see: Armenyan, Gevorg
Armjenjan, Geworg see: Armenyan, Gevorg
Armsgeimer see: Armsheimer (german)
Armsgejm see: Armsheimer (german)
Armsgejmer see: Armsheimer (german)
Volkoff, Nikolay see: Ars
Volkov, Nikolay see: Ars
Artemjew, Eduard see: Artemyev, Eduard
Artsiboushev see: Artsybushev
Artsibuchev see: Artsybushev
Artsibusheff see: Artsybushev
Artsibushev see: Artsybushev
Artsybuchev see: Artsybushev
Artzibushev see: Artsybushev
Artemov see: Artyomov
Artiomov see: Artyomov
Artjomov see: Artyomov
Artjomow see: Artyomov
Artomov see: Artyomov
Artyemov see: Artyomov
Artymov see: Artyomov
Artyomow see: Artyomov
Artemieff see: Artyomyev
Artemiev see: Artyomyev
Artemjev see: Artyomyev
Artemyev see: Artyomyev
Artyomiev see: Artyomyev
Aroutiounian see: Arutyunyan
Artunian see: Arutyunyan
Arutiunian see: Arutyunyan
Arutiunyan see: Arutyunyan
Arutjunjan see: Arutyunyan
Arutunian see: Arutyunyan
Arutunyan see: Arutyunyan
Arutyunian see: Arutyunyan
Harutunyan see: Arutyunyan
Harutyunian see: Arutyunyan
Harutyunyan see: Arutyunyan
Asafev see: Asafyev
Asafeyev see: Asafyev
Asafief see: Asafyev
Asafiev see: Asafyev
Asafjev see: Asafyev
Assafieff see: Asafyev
Assafiev see: Asafyev
Assafjew see: Asafyev
Assafyev see: Asafyev
Aszafjev see: Asafyev
Glebov, Igor see: Asafyev
Vasilyev, Anisim see: Aslamas
Asejev see: Asseyev
Asejew see: Asseyev
Aseyev see: Asseyev
Aseyew see: Asseyev
Asseiev see: Asseyev
Asseiew see: Asseyev
Assejev see: Asseyev
Assejew see: Asseyev
Ataian see: Atayan
Atajan see: Atayan
Awerkin see: Averkin
Mahler Kalkstein see: Avidom
Maler Kalkshtein see: Avidom
Awksentew see: Avksentyev
Krasnokutsky see: Avraamov
Avshalamov see: Avshalomov
Avshalomoff see: Avshalomov
Asanchevsky see: Azanchevsky
Asansyevsky see: Azanchevsky
Asantchewsky see: Azanchevsky
Asantschevsky see: Azanchevsky
Asantschewski see: Azanchevsky
Asantschewsky see: Azanchevsky
Asantshevski see: Azanchevsky
Azancevskij see: Azanchevsky
Azancheffsky see: Azanchevsky
Azancsevszkij see: Azanchevsky
Asaraschwili see: Azarashvili
Azaraevili see: Azarashvili
Azarahvili see: Azarashvili
Azarasvili see: Azarashvili
Asarchin see: Azarkhin
Azeev see: Azeyev
Asmaiparachvili see: Azmaiparashvili
Asmayparaschwili see: Azmaiparashvili
Babachanian see: Babadzhanyan
Babadjanajan see: Babadzhanyan
Babadjanian see: Babadzhanyan
Babadjanyan see: Babadzhanyan
Babadschanian see: Babadzhanyan
Babadschanjan see: Babadzhanyan
Babadshanian see: Babadzhanyan
Babadshanjan see: Babadzhanyan
Babadzanan see: Babadzhanyan
Babadzanjan see: Babadzhanyan
Babadzhanian see: Babadzhanyan
Babadzhanjan see: Babadzhanyan
Babajanian see: Babadzhanyan
Babajanyan see: Babadzhanyan
Babaev see: Babayev
Babajev see: Babayev
Babajew see: Babayev
Badalbayli see: Badalbeili
Badalbelji see: Badalbeili
Badalbeyli see: Badalbeili
Bagdasarian see: Bagdasaryan
Bagdasarjanz see: Bagdasaryan
Bagdassarian see: Bagdasaryan
Bagdassarjan see: Bagdasaryan
Bagrecov see: Bagretsov
Bagrinovski see: Bagrinovsky
Bagrinovskij see: Bagrinovsky
Baioras see: Bajoras
Bayoras see: Bajoras
Bakalainikow see: Bakaleinikov
Bakalainkov see: Bakaleinikov
Bakalajnikov see: Bakaleinikov
Bakaleinakoff see: Bakaleinikov
Bakaleinikoff see: Bakaleinikov
Bakaleinikow see: Bakaleinikov
Bakalejnikov see: Bakaleinikov
Bakaleynikov see: Bakaleinikov
Popov, Leonid see: Bakalov
Bachmeteff see: Bakhmetev
Bachmetev see: Bakhmetev
Bachmetieff see: Bakhmetev
Bachmetiev see: Bakhmetev
Bachmetiv see: Bakhmetev
Bachmetjew see: Bakhmetev
Bakhmetiev see: Bakhmetev
Bakhmetyev see: Bakhmetev
Bakichanov see: Bakikhanov
Bakihanov see: Bakikhanov
Bakuradse see: Bakuradze
Balakausas see: Balakauskas
Balakerev see: Balakirev
Balakierew see: Balakirev
Balakiref see: Balakirev
Balakireff see: Balakirev
Balakirew see: Balakirev
Balancivaje see: Balanchivadze
Balantschiwadse see: Balanchivadze
Balantshiwadse see: Balanchivadze
Belantschiwadse see: Balanchivadze
Balasanian see: Balasanyan
Balasanjan see: Balasanyan
Balassanian see: Balasanyan
Balassanjan see: Balasanyan
Balassanyan see: Balasanyan
Balaschow see: Balashov
Balsis see: Balsys
Banevic see: Banevich
Banevitch see: Banevich
Banewitsch see: Banevich
Banschikov see: Banshchikov
Banschtschikov see: Banshchikov
Banschtschikow see: Banshchikov
Banscikov see: Banshchikov
Bansikov see: Banshchikov
Barabasov see: Barabashov
Bardanaschwili see: Bardanashvili
Bardanasvili see: Bardanashvili
Barison see: Barisons
Barhudarjan see: Barkhudaryan
Barkhoudarian see: Barkhudaryan
Barkhudarian see: Barkhudaryan
Barkudarian see: Barkhudaryan
Barmotine see: Barmotin
Barskov see: Barskovs
Barskow see: Barskovs
Barvinski see: Barvinsky
Barvinskij see: Barvinsky
Barvinskiy see: Barvinsky
Barvinskyi see: Barvinsky
Barvinskyj see: Barvinsky
Barvynski see: Barvinsky
Barvynskij see: Barvinsky
Barvynsky see: Barvinsky
Barwinski see: Barvinsky
Bassilaja see: Basilaya
Bashinskas see: Basinskas
Bassner see: Basner
Bataschow see: Batashov
Batujev see: Batuyev
Belajewski see: Belayevsky
Belimow see: Belimov
Beligradsky see: Belogradsky
Belogradskij see: Belogradsky
Bilogradskij see: Belogradsky
Bilogradsky see: Belogradsky
Bilohradsky see: Belogradsky
Belorusec see: Belorusets
Belosein see: Beloshein
Below, Gennadi see: Belov, Gennady
Below, Gennady see: Belov, Gennady
Belij see: Bely
Beliy see: Bely
Belyi see: Bely
Belyj see: Bely
Biely see: Bely
Byely see: Bely
Belaieff see: Belyayev
Belaiev see: Belyayev
Belaiew see: Belyayev
Belajew see: Belyayev
Belayev see: Belyayev
Boelza see: Belza
Byensh see: Bensh
Byer see: Ber
Beresosvski see: Berezovsky
Beresovski see: Berezovsky
Beresovsky see: Berezovsky
Beresowski see: Berezovsky
Beresowsky see: Berezovsky
Berezoschi see: Berezovsky
Berezovski see: Berezovsky
Berezovskij see: Berezovsky
Berezovskiy see: Berezovsky
Berezovskyi see: Berezovsky
Berezowski see: Berezovsky
Berezowsky see: Berezovsky
Balin see: Berlin (pseud)
Baline see: Berlin (pseud)
Balines see: Berlin (pseud)
Bernstein, Abraham see: Bernshtein
Bernstein, Aviassaf see: Bernshtein
Bernstein, Jacob see: Bernshtein
Bernstein, Yehudah see: Bernshtein
Bernstejn, Abraham see: Bernshtein
Besekirsky see: Bezekirsky
Bezekiirsky see: Bezekirsky
Bezekiisky see: Bezekirsky
Bezekirskij see: Bezekirsky
Bilas see: Bilash
Bilasj see: Bilash
Bilstin see: Bildshtein
Biriukov see: Biryukov
Birjoekov see: Biryukov
Birjukov see: Biryukov
Birjukow see: Biryukov
Biriukova see: Biryukova
Birjoekova see: Biryukova
Birjukova see: Biryukova
Bitow see: Bitov
Blagoi see: Blagoy
Blagoij see: Blagoy
Blagoj see: Blagoy
Bleichman see: Bleikhman
Bleichmann see: Bleikhman
Blima see: Blyma
Blumental, Nisson see: Blyumental
Blumenthal, Nisson see: Blyumental
Bobilow see: Bobilyov
Bobinskij see: Bobinski (polish)
Bobinsky see: Bobinski (polish)
Bobochidse see: Bobokhidze
Bogachev see: Bogachyov
Bogatirev see: Bogatyryov
Bogatiriov see: Bogatyryov
Bogatiryev see: Bogatyryov
Bogatiryov see: Bogatyryov
Bogatyrev see: Bogatyryov
Bogatyriov see: Bogatyryov
Bogatyrov see: Bogatyryov
Bogatyrow see: Bogatyryov
Bogdanoff see: Bogdanov
Bohdanoff see: Bogdanov
Bogdanow Beresowski see: Bogdanov Berezovsky
Bogolovsky see: Bogoslovsky
Bogoslovskij see: Bogoslovsky
Bogoslovskiy see: Bogoslovsky
Bogoslowski see: Bogoslovsky
Boguslavskij, Konstantin see: Boguslavsky
Boguslavskij, Nikita see: Boguslavsky
Boguslawski, Konstantin see: Boguslavsky
Boguslawski, Nikita see: Boguslavsky
Boguslawskij, Konstantin see: Boguslavsky
Boguslawskij, Nikita see: Boguslavsky
Boguslawsky, Konstantin see: Boguslavsky
Boguslawsky, Nikita see: Boguslavsky
Boldyrew see: Boldyrev
Borisoff see: Borisov
Borkman see: Borkhman
Borodine see: Borodin
Bortkevic see: Bortkevich
Bortkiewich see: Bortkevich
Bortkiewics see: Bortkevich
Bortkiewicz see: Bortkevich
Bortkiewitz see: Bortkevich
Bortnanskij see: Bortnyansky
Bortnianski see: Bortnyansky
Bortnianskii see: Bortnyansky
Bortnianskij see: Bortnyansky
Bortnianskiy see: Bortnyansky
Bortniansky see: Bortnyansky
Bortnjanski see: Bortnyansky
Bortnjanskij see: Bortnyansky
Bortnjanskoj see: Bortnyansky
Bortnjansky see: Bortnyansky
Bortnjanskyj see: Bortnyansky
Bortnyanski see: Bortnyansky
Botbaev see: Botbayev
Botbajew see: Botbayev
Bojamjan see: Boyamyan
Bojarskaya see: Boyarskaya
Lyubomirskaya Boyarskaya see: Boyarskaya
Bojarski see: Boyarsky
Bojarsky see: Boyarsky
Boyarski see: Boyarsky
Brandman, Israel see: Brandmann (polish)
Brandukhov see: Brandukov
Brandukow see: Brandukov
Brajinskas see: Brazinskas
Braschinskas see: Brazinskas
Brasinskas see: Brazinskas
Brazhinskas see: Brazinskas
Bruch, Heinrich see: Bruk, Genrikh
Brundzajte see: Brundzaite
Brundzajtje see: Brundzaite
Brounoff see: Brunov
Brusilovski see: Brusilovsky
Brusilovskij see: Brusilovsky
Brussilovsky see: Brusilovsky
Bubek see: Bubeck (german)
Budaschkin see: Budashkin
Bucharoff see: Bugalter
Buchhalter, Simon see: Bugalter
Bugatschewski see: Bugatschevsky
Bugoslavskij see: Bugoslavsky
Bulachoff see: Bulakhov
Bulachov see: Bulakhov
Bulachow see: Bulakhov
Bulahov see: Bulakhov
Bjulan see: Bullant (french)
Bulant see: Bullant (french)
Bullandt see: Bullant (french)
Bullanto see: Bullant (french)
Bullault see: Bullant (french)
Bullerjahn, Hans see: Bullerian (german)
Bulichev see: Bulychev
Bulycev see: Bulychev
Buni see: Bunatyan
Bunine see: Bunin
Burchanov see: Burkhanov
Burschtin see: Burshtin
Burshtein see: Burshtin
Burshteyi see: Burshtin
Buanovskij see: Buyanovsky
Buianovskii see: Buyanovsky
Buianowski see: Buyanovsky
Bujanovski see: Buyanovsky
Bujanovsky see: Buyanovsky
Bujanowski see: Buyanovsky
Bujanowskij see: Buyanovsky
Bujanowsky see: Buyanovsky
Buyanovski see: Buyanovsky
Buyanowski see: Buyanovsky
Buyanowsky see: Buyanovsky
Buevski see: Buyevsky
Buevskij see: Buyevsky
Buevskiy see: Buyevsky
Buevsky see: Buyevsky
Buevskyi see: Buyevsky
Bujevski see: Buyevsky
Bujevsky see: Buyevsky
Bujevskyj see: Buyevsky
Bujewski see: Buyevsky
Bujewsky see: Buyevsky
Byckov see: Bychkov
Bykanow see: Bykanov
Bjul Bjul see: Byul Byul
Kanobbio see: Canobbio (italian)
Cantemire see: Cantemir (romanian)
Kantemir see: Cantemir (romanian)
Kardon see: Cardon (belgian)
Kavos see: Cavos (italian)
Tschaikin see: Chaikin
Cajkovski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Cajkovski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Cajkovski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Cajkovskij, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Cajkovskij, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Cajkovskij, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Cajkovsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Cajkovsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Cajkovsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Chaikovski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Chaikovski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Chaikovski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Chaikovskii, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Chaikovskii, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Chaikovskii, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Chaikovskiy, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Chaikovskiy, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Chaikovskiy, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Chajkovskij, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Chajkovskij, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Chajkovskij, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Chajkovsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Chajkovsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Chajkovsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Chakovsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Chakovsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Chakovsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Chakowski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Chakowski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Chakowski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Chaykovsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Chaykovsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Chaykovsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Ciaikovski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Ciaikovski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Ciaikovski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Ciaikovsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Ciaikovsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Ciaikovsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Czajkowski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Czajkowski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Czajkowski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaicowski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaicowski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tchaicowski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaicowsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaicowsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tchaicowsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikovski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikovski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikovski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikovsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikovsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikowski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikowski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikowski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikowskij, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikowskij, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikowskij, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikowsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikowsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tchaikowsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tjajkovski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tjajkovski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tjajkovski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tjajkovskij, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tjajkovskij, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tjajkovskij, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tjajkovsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tjajkovsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tjajkovsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tsaikovski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tsaikovski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tsaikovski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikovski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikovski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikovski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikovsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikovsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikovsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikowski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikowski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikowski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikowskij, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikowskij, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikowskij, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikowsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikowsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tschaikowsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tsjaikovski, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tsjaikovski, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tsjaikovski, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tsjaikovskij, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tsjaikovskij, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tsjaikovskij, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Tsjaikovsky, Aleksandr see: Chaikovsky
Tsjaikovsky, Boris see: Chaikovsky
Tsjaikovsky, Pyotr see: Chaikovsky
Calaev see: Chalayev
Tschalajew see: Chalayev
Chauschjan see: Chaushyan
Chaushian see: Chaushyan
Tschauschjan see: Chaushyan
Cebolaryan see: Chebotaryan
Cebotaran see: Chebotaryan
Cebotarjan see: Chebotaryan
Cebotaryan see: Chebotaryan
Chebotarian see: Chebotaryan
Tschebotarian see: Chebotaryan
Tschebotarjan see: Chebotaryan
Chebotarev see: Chebotaryov
Chebotarew see: Chebotaryov
Chebotaryev see: Chebotaryov
Tschebotarev see: Chebotaryov
Tschekalow see: Chekalov
Cemberdzi see: Chemberdzhi
Chemberdgi see: Chemberdzhi
Chemberdski see: Chemberdzhi
Chemberdzi see: Chemberdzhi
Chemberij see: Chemberdzhi
Tchemberdji see: Chemberdzhi
Tchemberdshi see: Chemberdzhi
Tchemberdzhie see: Chemberdzhi
Tschemberdji see: Chemberdzhi
Tschemberdschi see: Chemberdzhi
Tschemberdshi see: Chemberdzhi
Tschemberdzhe see: Chemberdzhi
Tsjemberdji see: Chemberdzhi
Tsjemberdzji see: Chemberdzhi
Tscherbacheff see: Cherbachev
Tscherbatchov see: Cherbachev
Tscherbatschew see: Cherbachev
Cerepnin see: Cherepnin
Tcherepin see: Cherepnin
Tcherepine see: Cherepnin
Tcherepnin see: Cherepnin
Tcherepnine see: Cherepnin
Tjerepnin see: Cherepnin
Tscherepine see: Cherepnin
Tscherepnin see: Cherepnin
Tscherepnine see: Cherepnin
Cherkassy see: Cherkassky
Tscherkassky see: Cherkassky
Tcherlitsky see: Cherlitsky
Tcherlitzky see: Cherlitsky
Tscherlitzky see: Cherlitsky
Tchernetsky see: Chernetsky
Tschernetsky see: Chernetsky
Tschernetzky see: Chernetsky
Cherniawsky see: Cherniavsky
Chernyavsky see: Cherniavsky
Tscherniawsky see: Cherniavsky
Tschernyschew see: Chernichev
Tschernikov see: Chernikov
Tschernikow see: Chernikov
Tschernischow see: Chernikov
Tschernischova see: Chernikova
Tschernyschewskij see: Chernishevsky
Chernow see: Chernov
Pen, Aleksandr see: Chernov
Tchernov see: Chernov
Tchernow see: Chernov
Tschernoff see: Chernov
Tschernow see: Chernov
Tscherwinski see: Chervinsky
Cesnokov see: Chesnokov
Chesnokoff see: Chesnokov
Tchesnokov see: Chesnokov
Tschesnokoff see: Chesnokov
Tschesnokov see: Chesnokov
Tschesnokow see: Chesnokov
Tsesnokov see: Chesnokov
Cesnokova see: Chesnokova
Tchichkov see: Chichkov
Tschichkov see: Chichkov
Tschitschkow see: Chichkov
Tschirkow see: Chirkov
Chisko see: Chishko
Tchischko see: Chishko
Tchishko see: Chishko
Tschischko see: Chishko
Tschishko see: Chishko
Chitchian see: Chitchyan
Chitchjan see: Chitchyan
Tschubikin see: Chubikin
Chugaev see: Chugayev
Tschugunow see: Chugunov
Chukadian see: Chukhazhyan
Chukhadjian see: Chukhazhyan
Chukhajian see: Chukhazhyan
Culaki see: Chulaki
Tchoulaki see: Chulaki
Tchulaki see: Chulaki
Tschukly see: Chulaki
Tschulaki see: Chulaki
Chimarosa see: Cimarosa (italian)
Cimzi see: Cimze
Chyurlyonis see: Ciurlionis
Chyurlyonite see: Ciurlionyte
Danilevski see: Danilevsky
Danilevskij see: Danilevsky
Danilewsky see: Danilevsky
Danilow see: Danilov
Kirsha Danilov see: Danilov
Dankevitch see: Dankevich
Dankevyc see: Dankevich
Dankevych see: Dankevich
Dargomijsky see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomischsky see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomisjkij see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomizhky see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomizhkzy see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomizhski see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomizhsky see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomizskij see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomizsky see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyjski see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyschski see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyschskij see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyschsky see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyshski see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyzhky see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyzhski see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyzhskij see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyzjski see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyzskij see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyzsky see: Dargomyzhsky
Dargomyzskyj see: Dargomyzhsky
Dawidenko see: Davidenko
Davidovski see: Davidovsky
Davidovskij see: Davidovsky
Davidovskiy see: Davidovsky
Davidowski see: Davidovsky
Davidowsky see: Davidovsky
Davidov see: Davydov
Dekker Shenk see: Decker Schenk (german)
Degtiarev see: Degtyaryov
Degtiariev see: Degtyaryov
Degtiariov see: Degtyaryov
Degtiaryov see: Degtyaryov
Degtjarev see: Degtyaryov
Degtjarevskij see: Degtyaryov
Degtjarjow see: Degtyaryov
Degtorev see: Degtyaryov
Degtyarev see: Degtyaryov
Degtyarevsky see: Degtyaryov
Dekhteriov see: Degtyaryov
Dekhteryov see: Degtyaryov
Denisow see: Denisov
Denissoff see: Denisov
Denissov see: Denisov
Denissow see: Denisov
Derbjenko see: Derbenko
Dechevow see: Deshevov
Dechewov see: Deshevov
Dechewow see: Deshevov
Deschewow see: Deshevov
Desevov see: Deshevov
Deshevow see: Deshevov
Deshewov see: Deshevov
Desjevov see: Deshevov
Vitt, Nikolay see: Devitte (nationality unknown)
Didkowsky see: Didkovsky
Dikusar see: Dikusarov
Dikussarow see: Dikusarov
Dileckij see: Diletsky
Dilecky see: Diletsky
Diletskiy see: Diletsky
Diletzki see: Diletsky
Diletzky see: Diletsky
Dilezki see: Diletsky
Dylecky see: Diletsky
Dyleckyj see: Diletsky
Dyletski see: Diletsky
Dyletsky see: Diletsky
Dyletskyi see: Diletsky
Dmitrieff see: Dmitriyev
Dmitriev see: Dmitriyev
Dmitriew see: Dmitriyev
Dmitrijev see: Dmitriyev
Dmitrijew see: Dmitriyev
Dmitrieff Swetschinn see: Dmitriyev Svechin
Barabeichik, Isay see: Dobrovein (pseud)
Barabejchik, Isay see: Dobrovein (pseud)
Barabejtschik, Isay see: Dobrovein (pseud)
Dobrovejn see: Dobrovein (pseud)
Dobroven see: Dobrovein (pseud)
Dobroveyn see: Dobrovein (pseud)
Dobrovian see: Dobrovein (pseud)
Dobrowelj see: Dobrovein (pseud)
Dobrowen see: Dobrovein (pseud)
Dobrovolskij see: Dobrovolsky
Dolidse see: Dolidze
Dolije see: Dolidze
Doluhanan see: Dolukhanyan
Doluhanian see: Dolukhanyan
Doluhanjan see: Dolukhanyan
Dolukhanian see: Dolukhanyan
Dolukhanjan see: Dolukhanyan
Domincen see: Dominchen
Donauroff see: Donaurov
Dorfmann see: Dorfman
Dremliuga see: Dremlyuga
Dremljug see: Dremlyuga
Dremcov see: Dremtsov
Dreischock, Alexander see: Dreyschock (czech)
Dreyshock, Alexander see: Dreyschock (czech)
Drobish, Aleksandr see: Drobisch (german)
Drosdov see: Drozdov
Drosdow see: Drozdov
Drozdow see: Drozdov
Dubenski see: Dubensky
Dubenskij see: Dubensky
Dubenskiy see: Dubensky
Dubenskji see: Dubensky
Dubianski see: Dubyansky
Dubianskij see: Dubyansky
Dubiansky see: Dubyansky
Dubjanskij see: Dubyansky
Duke, Vernon see: Dukelsky
Dounaievski see: Dunayevsky
Dounaievsky see: Dunayevsky
Dunaevskii see: Dunayevsky
Dunaevskij see: Dunayevsky
Dunaevsky see: Dunayevsky
Dunajevski see: Dunayevsky
Dunajevskij see: Dunayevsky
Dunajewski see: Dunayevsky
Dunajewskij see: Dunayevsky
Dunajewsky see: Dunayevsky
Dunayewsky see: Dunayevsky
Dusskij see: Dushsky
Dussky see: Dushsky
Dioutch, Otto see: Dutsch (danish)
Diutsh, Otto see: Dutsch (danish)
Djutc, Otto see: Dutsch (danish)
Djuts, Otto see: Dutsch (danish)
Djutsch, Otto see: Dutsch (danish)
Dutch, Otto see: Dutsch (danish)
Dyutsh, Otto see: Dutsch (danish)
Dvaronius see: Dvarionas
Dvaryonas see: Dvarionas
Diacenko see: Dyachenko
Diachenko see: Dyachenko
Diatchenko see: Dyachenko
Djachenko see: Dyachenko
Djatschenko see: Dyachenko
Dyacenko see: Dyachenko
Dichko see: Dychko
Dycho see: Dychko
Diubiuk see: Dyubyuk
Dubuc see: Dyubyuk
Dubuque see: Dyubyuk
Dioutch, Georgy see: Dyutsh (russian)
Diutsh, Georgy see: Dyutsh (russian)
Djutc, Georgy see: Dyutsh (russian)
Djuts, Georgy see: Dyutsh (russian)
Djutsch, Georgy see: Dyutsh (russian)
Dutch, Georgy see: Dyutsh (russian)
Dutsch, Georgy see: Dyutsh (russian)
Dsegelenok see: Dzegelyonok
Dsegeljonok see: Dzegelyonok
Dzegelenok see: Dzegelyonok
Dserschinski see: Dzerzhinsky
Dsershinski see: Dzerzhinsky
Dzerjinski see: Dzerzhinsky
Dzerjinskij see: Dzerzhinsky
Dzerjinsky see: Dzerzhinsky
Dzersjinsky see: Dzerzhinsky
Dzerzhinskij see: Dzerzhinsky
Dzerzinski see: Dzerzhinsky
Dzerzinskij see: Dzerzhinsky
Dzerzinsky see: Dzerzhinsky
Dzherzhinsky see: Dzerzhinsky
Djabadari see: Dzhabadari
Djabadary see: Dzhabadari
Dzabadari see: Dzhabadari
Dzabadary see: Dzhabadari
Jabadari see: Dzhabadari
Jabadary see: Dzhabadari
Jambul see: Dzhambul
Jambul Jabayev see: Dzhambul Dzhabayev
Dshangirov see: Dzhangirov
Dshangirow see: Dzhangirov
Jangirov see: Dzhangirov
Djivani see: Dzhivani
Levonyan see: Dzhivani
Serob Levonyan see: Dzhivani
Fridman Kochevskoy see: Eckhardt Gramatte (russian)
Friedman Kochevskoy see: Eckhardt Gramatte (russian)
Ejges see: Eiges
Eikanvald see: Eikhenvald
Eksaniskvili see: Eksanishvili
Eksanisvili see: Eksanishvili
Yeksanishvili see: Eksanishvili
Erdmanis see: Erdmann
Ermatow see: Ermatov
Echpa see: Eshpay
Echpai see: Eshpay
Eschpai see: Eshpay
Eshpai see: Eshpay
Eshpaj see: Eshpay
Esjpaj see: Eshpay
Espaj see: Eshpay
Ewald, Viktor see: Evald
Faizullin see: Faizi (pseud)
Famincyn see: Famintsin
Famintsyn see: Famintsin
Famintzin see: Famintsin
Famintzine see: Famintsin
Faminzin see: Famintsin
Faminzyn see: Famintsin
Fedow see: Fedov
Feigina see: Feigin
Fejgin see: Feigin
Feygin see: Feigin
Fejnberg see: Feinberg
Feynberg see: Feinberg
Felcman see: Feltsman
Fichtenholtz see: Fikhtengolts
Fichtenholz see: Fikhtengolts
Filipenko see: Filippenko
Philipenko see: Filippenko
Philippenko see: Filippenko
Finkelstein, Israel see: Finkelshtein
Firsowa see: Firsova
Firssova see: Firsova
Firssowa see: Firsova
Firtitsch see: Firtich
Ficher, Jacobo see: Fisher
Fischer, Jacobo see: Fisher
Fitingof Sel see: Fitingof Shel
Fitingov Shel see: Fitingof Shel
Vietinghoff Scheel see: Fitingof Shel
Vietinghoff Scheell see: Fitingof Shel
Vietingoff Scheel see: Fitingof Shel
Fittsenkhagen see: Fitzenhagen (german)
Fleischman, Veniamin (1913-1941) see: Fleishman
Fleischmann, Veniamin (1913-1941) see: Fleishman
Flejsman see: Fleishman
Fleyshman see: Fleishman
Flarkovski see: Flyarkovsky
Flarkovsky see: Flyarkovsky
Fliarkovski see: Flyarkovsky
Fliarkovskii see: Flyarkovsky
Fliarkovsky see: Flyarkovsky
Fomine see: Fomin
Fortunatow see: Fortunatov
Frid, Isadore see: Freed
Fried, Isadore see: Freed
Freed, Grigory see: Frid
Fried, Grigory see: Frid
Fuks see: Fuchs (german)
Fux, Johann Leopold see: Fuchs (german)
Fedoroff see: Fyodorov
Fedorov see: Fyodorov
Fjodorova see: Fyodorova
Fjodorowa see: Fyodorova
Sadunova see: Fyodorova
Uranova see: Fyodorova
Gabyashi see: Gabashi
Gabjeli see: Gabeli
Gabicvadze see: Gabichvadze
Gabicvaje see: Gabichvadze
Gabitchvadze see: Gabichvadze
Gabitschwadse see: Gabichvadze
Gabitzhvadse see: Gabichvadze
Gabrilowiesch see: Gabrilovich
Gabrilowitsch see: Gabrilovich
Gabunia see: Gabuniya
Gabuniia see: Gabuniya
Gabunija see: Gabuniya
Gadjibecov see: Gadzhibekov
Gadschibekow see: Gadzhibekov
Gadshibekov see: Gadzhibekov
Gadshibekow see: Gadzhibekov
Gadzibekov see: Gadzhibekov
Gajibekov see: Gadzhibekov
Hacibayov see: Gadzhibekov
Hajibekov see: Gadzhibekov
Hajibeyov see: Gadzhibekov
Khadzhibekov see: Gadzhibekov
Gadjiyev see: Gadzhiyev
Gadshijew see: Gadzhiyev
Gadzhiev see: Gadzhiyev
Gadziev see: Gadzhiyev
Gajiev see: Gadzhiyev
Hajiyev see: Gadzhiyev
Gagnidse see: Gagnidze
Gaigerowa see: Gaigerova
Gajgerova see: Gaigerova
Gaygarova see: Gaigerova
Gaygerova see: Gaigerova
Gaygerowa see: Gaigerova
Galachov see: Galakhov
Galachow see: Galakhov
Galkovskij see: Galkauskas
Galkovsky see: Galkauskas
Galkine see: Galkin
Gally see: Galli
Galinin see: Galynin
Hambourg, Boris see: Gamburg
Hambourg, Jan see: Gamburg
Hambourg, Mark see: Gamburg
Hambourg, Michael (1855-1916) see: Gamburg
Hamburg, Boris see: Gamburg
Hamburg, Jan see: Gamburg
Hamburg, Mark see: Gamburg
Hamburg, Michael (1855-1916) see: Gamburg
Khamburg see: Gamburg
Ganitschew see: Ganitzhev
Ganitshev see: Ganitzhev
Garsnek see: Garshnek
Gartknoch, Johann Friedrich jr. (1768-1819) see: Gartknokh (russian)
Gartknoch, Karl Eduard see: Gartknokh (russian)
Hartknoch, Johann Friedrich jr. (1768-1819) see: Gartknokh (russian)
Hartknoch, Karl Eduard see: Gartknokh (russian)
Hartknock, Johann Friedrich jr. (1768-1819) see: Gartknokh (russian)
Hartknock, Karl Eduard see: Gartknokh (russian)
Hartmann, Thomas de see: Gartman
Gawrilin see: Gavrilin
Gasisov see: Gazizov
Goedicke, Aleksandr see: Gedike
Goedicke, Fyodor see: Gedike
Gedschadse see: Gedzhadze
Gedzadze see: Gedzhadze
Enishta see: Genishta
Enista see: Genishta
Genischta see: Genishta
Genishchta see: Genishta
Genista see: Genishta
Geniste see: Genishta
Jenishta see: Genishta
Jenista see: Genishta
Zhorzh, Sebastyan see: George (english)
Herke, Anton see: Gerke (russian)
Germanow see: Germanov
Gersfeld see: Gershfeld
Hersfeld see: Gershfeld
Hershfeld see: Gershfeld
Hershfield see: Gershfeld
Gerskovic see: Gershkovich
Herschkovitz see: Gershkovich
Herschkowitz see: Gershkovich
Herscovici see: Gershkovich
Gewiksman see: Geviksman
Gevorkian see: Gevorkyan
Geworkjan see: Gevorkyan
Galich see: Ginzburg
Gienko see: Giyenko
Gijenko see: Giyenko
Gladkovski see: Gladkovsky
Gladkovskij see: Gladkovsky
Gladkowski see: Gladkovsky
Gladki see: Gladky
Gladkij see: Gladky
Glasunov see: Glazunov
Glasunow see: Glazunov
Glazounoff see: Glazunov
Glazounov see: Glazunov
Glazounow see: Glazunov
Glazunow see: Glazunov
Glebow see: Glebov
Gliere see: Glier
Glonty see: Glonti
Gnessen see: Gnesin
Gnessin see: Gnesin
Gniesin see: Gnesin
Gnessina see: Gnesina
Godsjazki see: Godzyatsky
Godzackij see: Godzyatsky
Godziatsky see: Godzyatsky
Goldenvejzer see: Goldenveizer
Goldenveyzer see: Goldenveizer
Goldenweiser see: Goldenveizer
Goldshteyn see: Goldshtein
Goldstein, Mikhail see: Goldshtein
Goldstejn see: Goldshtein
Kulikovsky, N. D. see: Goldshtein
Ovsianiko Kulikovsky, Mikhail see: Goldshtein
Ovsianko Kulikovsky, Mikhail see: Goldshtein
Ovsyaniko Kulikovsky, Mikhail see: Goldshtein
Galitsin see: Golitsyn
Galitsyn see: Golitsyn
Galitzin see: Golitsyn
Gallitzin see: Golitsyn
Golitsin see: Golitsyn
Golitzin see: Golitsyn
Golizyn see: Golitsyn
Golovine see: Golovin
Golowin see: Golovin
Goltz, Boris see: Golts
Golubew see: Golubev
Golubiev see: Golubev
Golubjew see: Golubev
Golubyov see: Golubev
Golisev see: Golyshev
Golishev see: Golyshev
Goliyev see: Golyshev
Golychev see: Golyshev
Golyscheff see: Golyshev
Golysev see: Golyshev
Homilius, L see: Gomilius
Homillius, L see: Gomilius
Gomoliaka see: Gomolyaka
Gomoljaka see: Gomolyaka
Homoliaka see: Gomolyaka
Homoljaka see: Gomolyaka
Homolyaka see: Gomolyaka
Gorchakow see: Gorchakov
Tsveifel see: Gorchakov
Zweifel see: Gorchakov
Gorchakowa see: Gorchakova
Gordely see: Gordeli
Gordjeli see: Gordeli
Gorielov see: Gorelov
Horenstain see: Gorenshtain
Horenstein see: Gorenshtain
Khorenshtein see: Gorenshtain
Gorodovskaja see: Gorodovskaya
Gorodowskaja see: Gorodovskaya
Gorovets see: Gorovits
Horowitz, Vladimir see: Gorovits
Gorsky, Konstantin see: Gorski (polish)
Gorski, Aleksandr see: Gorsky (russian)
Gottlieb, Mikhail see: Gotlib
Gosenpud see: Gozenpud
Grabovski see: Grabovsky
Grabovskij see: Grabovsky
Grabowski, Leonid see: Grabovsky
Grabowskij see: Grabovsky
Hrabivsky see: Grabovsky
Hrabovski see: Grabovsky
Hrabovskij see: Grabovsky
Hrabovsky see: Grabovsky
Hrabovskyj see: Grabovsky
Hrabowski see: Grabovsky
Hrabowsky see: Grabovsky
Grachev see: Grachyov
Gratschew see: Grachyov
Gratsjev see: Grachyov
Grecaninov see: Grechaninov
Gretchaninoff see: Grechaninov
Gretchaninov see: Grechaninov
Gretchaninow see: Grechaninov
Gretschaninoff see: Grechaninov
Gretschaninov see: Grechaninov
Gretschaninow see: Grechaninov
Griboedov see: Griboyedov
Gribojedov see: Griboyedov
Grigoran see: Grigoryan
Grigorian see: Grigoryan
Grigorjan see: Grigoryan
Grigorev see: Grigoryev
Grigorief see: Grigoryev
Grigoriev see: Grigoryev
Grigoriew see: Grigoryev
Grigorjev see: Grigoryev
Grigorjew see: Grigoryev
Grigoreva see: Grigoryeva
Grigoriefa see: Grigoryeva
Grigorieva see: Grigoryeva
Grigoriewa see: Grigoryeva
Grigorjeva see: Grigoryeva
Grigorjewa see: Grigoryeva
Grinblat see: Grinblats
Grunblatt see: Grinblats
Huba see: Guba
Goubaidoulina see: Gubaidulina
Gubajdulina see: Gubaidulina
Gubaydulina see: Gubaidulina
Gubajdullin see: Gubaidullin
Gubaydullin see: Gubaidullin
Hubarenko see: Gubarenko
Hubert, Nikolay see: Gubert
Gudiashvily see: Gudiashvili
Gudiasvili see: Gudiashvili
Artemovsky see: Gulak Artemovsky
Artemowski see: Gulak Artemovsky
Gulak Artemovski see: Gulak Artemovsky
Gulak Artemowski see: Gulak Artemovsky
Hulak Artemovsky see: Gulak Artemovsky
Hulak Artemowski see: Gulak Artemovsky
Hulak Artemowskyi see: Gulak Artemovsky
Gurdjieff see: Gurdzhiyev
Gurileff see: Gurilyov
Gurilev see: Gurilyov
Guriliov see: Gurilyov
Guriljov see: Gurilyov
Guriljow see: Gurilyov
Gurillov see: Gurilyov
Gurilow see: Gurilyov
Gurylyov see: Gurilyov
Gusakovski see: Gussakovsky
Gusakovskij see: Gussakovsky
Gusakovsky see: Gussakovsky
Gussakovski see: Gussakovsky
Gussakovskij see: Gussakovsky
Garteveld see: Harteveld (swedish)
Gesler see: Hassler (german)
Gessler see: Hassler (german)
Haieff see: Hayev
Heifitz, Robin see: Heifetz (american)
Hanselt see: Henselt (german)
Gerke, August see: Herke (german)
Glavach see: Hlavac (czech)
Hovhanesian see: Hovhanesyan
Hovhanessian see: Hovhanesyan
Hovhannessian see: Hovhanesyan
Hovhannissian see: Hovhanesyan
Hovhannisyan see: Hovhanesyan
Oganesian see: Hovhanesyan
Oganesjan see: Hovhanesyan
Oganessyan see: Hovhanesyan
Oganesyan see: Hovhanesyan
Grzhimali see: Hrimaly (czech)
Grzimali see: Hrimaly (czech)
Hrimalyy see: Hrimaly (czech)
Hrzymali see: Hrimaly (czech)
Gunke, Osip see: Hunke, Josef (czech)
Idelson, Abraham see: Idelsohn
Ikramowa see: Ikramova
Ilinskii see: Ilyinsky
Ilinskij see: Ilyinsky
Ilinsky see: Ilyinsky
Iljinski see: Ilyinsky
Iljinskij see: Ilyinsky
Iljinsky see: Ilyinsky
Iljynski see: Ilyinsky
Ilyinski see: Ilyinsky
Ilyinskii see: Ilyinsky
Ilynsky see: Ilyinsky
Jordan, Irina see: Iordan
Ippolitiv Ivanov see: Ippolitov Ivanov
Ippolitof Ivanof see: Ippolitov Ivanov
Ippolitov Iwanov see: Ippolitov Ivanov
Ippolitov Iwanow see: Ippolitov Ivanov
Ippolitow Ivanow see: Ippolitov Ivanov
Ippolitow Iwanow see: Ippolitov Ivanov
Ippolotov Ivanov see: Ippolitov Ivanov
Ivanov, Mikhail (1859-1935) see: Ippolitov Ivanov
Isserlis, Julius see: Iserlis
Issmagilova see: Ismagilova
Ivanof see: Ivanov
Ivanoff see: Ivanov
Iwanoff see: Ivanov
Iwanov see: Ivanov
Iwanow see: Ivanov
Ivanov Boreckij see: Ivanov Boretsky
Ivanov Borecky see: Ivanov Boretsky
Ivanov Borezki see: Ivanov Boretsky
Iwanow Borezki see: Ivanov Boretzky
Ivanov Kramskoi see: Ivanov Kramskoy
Ivanov Kramskoj see: Ivanov Kramskoy
Ivanov Radkevic see: Ivanov Radkevich
Israelian see: Izraelyan
Israeljan see: Izraelyan
Israelyan see: Izraelyan
Israyelyan see: Izraelyan
Isrealyan see: Izraelyan
Israeljewitsch see: Izraelyevich
Ermak see: Jermaks
Iogannis see: Johannes (czech)
Iogansen, Yuly see: Johannsen (danish)
Juosapaitis see: Juozapaitis
Juozapajtis see: Juozapaitis
Juozopaitis see: Juozapaitis
Jurisala see: Jurisalu
Jurisale see: Jurisalu
Jurjan see: Jurjans
Jurjana see: Jurjans
Juzelinas see: Juzeliunas
Juzeljunas see: Juzeliunas
Kabalevski see: Kabalevsky
Kabalevskii see: Kabalevsky
Kabalevskij see: Kabalevsky
Kabalewski see: Kabalevsky
Kabalewskij see: Kabalevsky
Kabalewsky see: Kabalevsky
Kacanauskio see: Kacanauskas
Kachanauskas see: Kacanauskas
Kacianauskas see: Kacanauskas
Kachinkas see: Kacinskas
Kachinskas see: Kacinskas
Kacinkas see: Kacinskas
Kaganoff see: Kaganov
Kachidse see: Kakhidze
Kachidze see: Kakhidze
Kalacevski see: Kalachevsky
Kalacevsky see: Kalachevsky
Kalacevskyj see: Kalachevsky
Kolacevski see: Kalachevsky
Kolacevskij see: Kalachevsky
Kolacevsky see: Kalachevsky
Kolacevskyj see: Kalachevsky
Kolachevski see: Kalachevsky
Kolachevsky see: Kalachevsky
Kolatschewski see: Kalachevsky
Kolatschewsky see: Kalachevsky
Kalachnikov see: Kalashnikov
Kalaschnikow see: Kalashnikov
Kalinkovic see: Kalinkovich
Kalinkovitsch see: Kalinkovich
Kalinkowic see: Kalinkovich
Kalinkowitsch see: Kalinkovich
Kalinikov see: Kalinnikov
Kalinnikoff see: Kalinnikov
Kalinnikow see: Kalinnikov
Kallinikov see: Kalinnikov
Kallinnikov see: Kalinnikov
Kallistratov see: Kalistratov
Kalnin see: Kalnins
Kalnis see: Kalnins
Kalnyn see: Kalnins
Kalnynsh see: Kalnins
Kalson see: Kalsons
Kamenetsky see: Kamensky
Kaminsky, Valters see: Kaminskis
Kaminski, Dmitry see: Kaminsky
Kaminski, Iosif see: Kaminsky
Kanceli see: Kancheli
Kanchely see: Kancheli
Kantcheli see: Kancheli
Kantjeli see: Kancheli
Kantscheli see: Kancheli
Kantsjeli see: Kancheli
Kanershteyn see: Kanershtein
Kanerstein see: Kanershtein
Kanerstejn see: Kanershtein
Kanersteyn see: Kanershtein
Kanevcev see: Kanevtsov
Kanevcov see: Kanevtsov
Kanevtsev see: Kanevtsov
Kankarovic see: Kankarovich
Karabic see: Karabits
Karabich see: Karabits
Karabitz see: Karabits
Karabiz see: Karabits
Karabyc see: Karabits
Karabyts see: Karabits
Karagicev see: Karagichev
Karagitcheff see: Karagichev
Karagitchev see: Karagichev
Karagitscheff see: Karagichev
Karagitschew see: Karagichev
Karagitschewa see: Karagicheva
Karagitschewa Bretanizkaja see: Karagicheva Bretanizkaya
Karasvili see: Karashvili
Karatighin see: Karatygin
Karatigin see: Karatygin
Karatyguine see: Karatygin
Karawaitschew see: Karavaichev
Karavajchuk see: Karavaichuk
Karavancuk see: Karavaichuk
Karawaitschuk see: Karavaichuk
Garajev see: Karayev
Garayev see: Karayev
Karaeiev see: Karayev
Karaev see: Karayev
Karaiev see: Karayev
Karajev see: Karayev
Karajew see: Karayev
Karetnikow see: Karetnikov
Karminski see: Karminsky
Karminskij see: Karminsky
Karnavicis see: Karnavicius
Karnovitch see: Karnovich
Karnowitch see: Karnovich
Karnowitsch see: Karnovich
Kartsew see: Kartsev
Kartzew see: Kartzev
Kachperov see: Kashperov
Kaschperoff see: Kashperov
Kaschperow see: Kashperov
Kasjperov see: Kashperov
Kasparow see: Kasparov
Kastalasky see: Kastalsky
Kastalski see: Kastalsky
Kastalskij see: Kastalsky
Kastalskiy see: Kastalsky
Kastrioto Scanderbeg see: Kastrioto Skanderbek
Kasanov see: Kasyanov
Kasianov see: Kasyanov
Kasjanov see: Kasyanov
Kasjanow see: Kasyanov
Kacki, Antoni see: Katski (polish)
Kontski, Antoni see: Katski (polish)
Kontski, Apolinary see: Katski (polish)
Kontsky see: Katski (polish)
Katzman, Klara see: Katsman
Catoire see: Katuar
Kasachenko see: Kazachenko
Kasatchenko see: Kazachenko
Kasatschenko see: Kazachenko
Kazacenko see: Kazachenko
Kazachanko see: Kazachenko
Kazatchenko see: Kazachenko
Kazatsjenko see: Kazachenko
Kasachkov see: Kazachkov
Kasatschkow see: Kazachkov
Kazackov see: Kazachkov
Kasanli see: Kazanli
Kazanly see: Kazanli
Kasenin see: Kazenin
Kaschlajew see: Kazhlayev
Kaschlayev see: Kazhlayev
Kashlayev see: Kazhlayev
Kazhlaev see: Kazhlayev
Kaschinski see: Kazynski (polish)
Kazhinski see: Kazynski (polish)
Kazhinsky see: Kazynski (polish)
Kazinski see: Kazynski (polish)
Kazinskij see: Kazynski (polish)
Kefalidij see: Kefalidi
Koeneman, Fyodor see: Keneman
Koenemann, Fyodor see: Keneman
Koneman, Fyodor see: Keneman
Konemann, Fyodor see: Keneman
Kereselidse see: Kereselidze
Kereselije see: Kereselidze
Keresselidse see: Kereselidze
Kersel see: Kertselli (not russian born)
Kerselio see: Kertselli (not russian born)
Kertseli see: Kertselli (not russian born)
Kertzel see: Kertselli (not russian born)
Chacaturjan see: Khachaturyan
Chatschaturjan see: Khachaturyan
Kachaturian see: Khachaturyan
Katchatourian see: Khachaturyan
Katchaturian see: Khachaturyan
Katsjatoerian see: Khachaturyan
Katsjatoerjan see: Khachaturyan
Khacaturian see: Khachaturyan
Khacaturjan see: Khachaturyan
Khachadourian see: Khachaturyan
Khachaturian see: Khachaturyan
Khachaturjan see: Khachaturyan
Khatchaturian see: Khachaturyan
Chagagortian see: Khagagortyan
Chagagortjan see: Khagagortyan
Khagagortian see: Khagagortyan
Chandoschkin see: Khandoshkin
Chandoschkine see: Khandoshkin
Chandoshkin see: Khandoshkin
Chandoshkine see: Khandoshkin
Chandosjkin see: Khandoshkin
Chandoskin see: Khandoshkin
Chandoskine see: Khandoshkin
Handochkine see: Khandoshkin
Handoschkin see: Khandoshkin
Handoschkine see: Khandoshkin
Handoshkin see: Khandoshkin
Kandoshkin see: Khandoshkin
Kandoskin see: Khandoshkin
Khandoschkin see: Khandoshkin
Khandoshkine see: Khandoshkin
Khandoskin see: Khandoshkin
Heifets see: Kheifets
Heifetz, Benar see: Kheifets
Heifetz, Ilya see: Kheifets
Heifetz, Jascha see: Kheifets
Heifetz, Vladimir see: Kheifets
Heyfetz see: Kheifets
Hirbikov see: Khirbyu
Hodasev see: Khodyashev
Khodiasev see: Khodyashev
Khodiashev see: Khodyashev
Khodyasev see: Khodyashev
Khodsa Einatow see: Khodzha Einatov
Khodza Einatov see: Khodzha Einatov
Khodza Einatow see: Khodzha Einatov
Cholmikow see: Kholminov
Cholminov see: Kholminov
Cholminow see: Kholminov
Khrapachyov see: Khrapachov
Chrennikoff see: Khrennikov
Chrennikov see: Khrennikov
Chrennikow see: Khrennikov
Khrennikow see: Khrennikov
Christianovic see: Khristianovich
Christianovitsj see: Khristianovich
Christianowitsch see: Khristianovich
Khristianov see: Khristianovich
Chromuschin see: Khromushin
Chromusin see: Khromushin
Hromushin see: Khromushin
Hromusin see: Khromushin
Chudojan see: Khudoyan
Khoudoyan see: Khudoyan
Khudoian see: Khudoyan
Khudojan see: Khudoyan
Chwatow see: Khvatov
Kiladse see: Kiladze
Kilaje see: Kiladze
Kirejko see: Kireiko
Kireyko see: Kireiko
Kyrpan see: Kirpan
Kyva see: Kiva
Kladnizki see: Kladnitsky
Klebanow see: Klebanov
Klenovski see: Klenovsky
Klenovskij see: Klenovsky
Klindvort see: Klindworth (german)
Klumaw see: Klumov
Kljucarev see: Klyucharyov
Kljutsjarjov see: Klyucharyov
Klyucarev see: Klyucharyov
Klyucharev see: Klyucharyov
Klyuchariov see: Klyucharyov
Klyucharov see: Klyucharyov
Klyuchayev see: Klyucharyov
Knajfel see: Knaifel
Knayfel see: Knaifel
Kneifel see: Knaifel
Knusevickij see: Knushevitsky
Knushevitzky see: Knushevitsky
Kochansky see: Kochanski
Kocetov see: Kochetov
Kochetow see: Kochetov
Kotschetoff see: Kochetov
Kotschetov see: Kochetov
Kotschetow see: Kochetov
Kocipinskij see: Kocipinski (polish)
Kocipynskyj see: Kocipinski (polish)
Kotsipinsky see: Kocipinski (polish)
Kofler, Jozef see: Koffler (polish)
Koha see: Kokha
Kokzhaev see: Kokzhayev
Kolmanovskii see: Kolmanovsky
Kolmanovskij see: Kolmanovsky
Kolmanowski see: Kolmanovsky
Komarow see: Komarov
Komarovskij see: Komarovsky
Komarowski see: Komarovsky
Gomidas see: Komitas
Sogomonian see: Komitas
Sogomonjan see: Komitas
Sogomonyan see: Komitas
Vardapet see: Komitas vartabed
Vartabed see: Komitas vartabed
Kompanejskij see: Kompaneisky
Kompaneyskiy see: Kompaneisky
Kompaneysky see: Kompaneisky
Kompanyeisky see: Kompaneisky
Kompanayetz see: Kompaneyets
Kompanejez see: Kompaneyets
Kompaneyetz see: Kompaneyets
Kondratiev see: Kondratyev
Kondratjew see: Kondratyev
Kondratschew see: Kondratyev
Conius see: Konyus
Conjus see: Konyus
Conus see: Konyus
Konius see: Konyus
Konjus see: Konyus
Kopilov see: Kopylov
Kopilow see: Kopylov
Kopylof see: Kopylov
Kopyloff see: Kopylov
Korchmarev see: Korchmaryov
Kortchmaref see: Korchmaryov
Kortchmariov see: Korchmaryov
Kortschmarew see: Korchmaryov
Kortshmariov see: Korchmaryov
Korescenko see: Koreshchenko
Koreschchenko see: Koreshchenko
Koreschenko see: Koreshchenko
Koreschtschenko see: Koreshchenko
Koresenko see: Koreshchenko
Koreshtchenko see: Koreshchenko
Koreshtshenko see: Koreshchenko
Koresjtjenko see: Koreshchenko
Koresjtsjenko see: Koreshchenko
Korestchenko see: Koreshchenko
Karganoff see: Korganov
Karganov see: Korganov
Korganoff see: Korganov
Korganow see: Korganov
Korndorff see: Korndorf
Korolev see: Korolyov
Koroliov see: Korolyov
Koroljow see: Korolyov
Korolyev see: Korolyov
Kos Anatolski see: Kos Anatolsky
Koss Anatolski see: Kos Anatolsky
Kossenko, Viktor see: Kosenko
Koshetz, Aleksandr see: Koshits
Koshitsa see: Koshits
Koschkin see: Koshkin
Kosjkin see: Koshkin
Koskin see: Koshkin
Kotlarevski see: Kotlyarevsky
Kotlarevsky see: Kotlyarevsky
Kotliarevski see: Kotlyarevsky
Kotliarevsky see: Kotlyarevsky
Kotljarevski see: Kotlyarevsky
Kotljarevsky see: Kotlyarevsky
Kotlyarovski see: Kotlyarevsky
Kotlyarovsky see: Kotlyarevsky
Kouguell see: Kougell
Kaval see: Koval
Kovalev, Marian see: Koval
Kovalyov, Marian see: Koval
Kovalev see: Kovalyov
Kosakewitsch see: Kozakevich
Kozachevich see: Kozakevich
Kozakevic see: Kozakevich
Kozakewitsch see: Kozakevich
Kozakievich see: Kozakevich
Koschewnikow see: Kozhevnikov
Kozevnikov see: Kozhevnikov
Kozjevnikov see: Kozhevnikov
Koschewnikowa see: Kozhevnikova
Koslov see: Kozlov
Kozlovski see: Kozlovsky
Kozlovskij see: Kozlovsky
Kozlovskiy see: Kozlovsky
Kozlowsky see: Kozlovsky
Koslowski, Aleksey see: Kozlovsky (russian)
Koslowski, Ivan see: Kozlovsky (russian)
Kozlowski, Aleksey see: Kozlovsky (russian)
Kozlowski, Ivan see: Kozlovsky (russian)
Koslovsky, Aleksander see: Kozlowski (polish)
Koslovsky, Jozef see: Kozlowski (polish)
Kozlovsky, Aleksander see: Kozlowski (polish)
Kozlovsky, Jozef see: Kozlowski (polish)
Kravcenko see: Kravchenko
Krejn see: Krein
Kreyn see: Krein
Krejtner see: Kreitner
Kreytner see: Kreitner
Kreutzer, Leonid see: Kreitser
Kremlev see: Kremlyov
Kremljew see: Kremlyov
Khristianin see: Krestyanin
Krestianin see: Krestyanin
Krestjanin see: Krestyanin
Krivickij see: Krivitsky
Krivitski see: Krivitsky
Krivitskii see: Krivitsky
Krivitzky see: Krivitsky
Kriwizki see: Krivitsky
Kriwizkij see: Krivitsky
Kropivnickij see: Kropivnitsky
Kropivnicky see: Kropivnitsky
Krotkow see: Krotkov
Krusevskij see: Krushevsky
Krylatow see: Krylatov
Kriloff see: Krylov
Krilow see: Krylov
Krylow see: Krylov
Krioukov see: Kryukov
Kriukov see: Kryukov
Krjukov see: Kryukov
Krjukow see: Kryukov
Kozhina see: Kryukova
Krijanovsky see: Kryzhanovsky
Krizhanovsky see: Kryzhanovsky
Kryjanovsky see: Kryzhanovsky
Kryjanowski see: Kryzhanovsky
Kryjanowsky see: Kryzhanovsky
Kryzanivskyj see: Kryzhanovsky
Kryzanovskij see: Kryzhanovsky
Kryzanowski see: Kryzhanovsky
Kryzhanovski see: Kryzhanovsky
Kubista see: Kubishta
Kuchianidse see: Kukhianidze
Kulikoff see: Kulikov
Kulikow see: Kulikov
Guliev see: Kuliyev
Guliyev see: Kuliyev
Kuliev see: Kuliyev
Quliev see: Kuliyev
Quliyev see: Kuliyev
Abai Kunanbayev see: Kunanbayev
Abaj Kunanbajev see: Kunanbayev
Abay Kunanbayev see: Kunanbayev
Kunanbaev see: Kunanbayev
Kunanbajev see: Kunanbayev
Kyundinger, Rudolf see: Kundinger (german)
Kupriavicius see: Kuprevicius
Kurbanoff see: Kurbanov
Kurenbayev see: Kurenkeyev
Kurenkejev see: Kurenkeyev
Muratala see: Kurenkeyev
Murataly see: Kurenkeyev
Koussevitsky see: Kusevitsky
Koussevitzky see: Kusevitsky
Koussevitzsky see: Kusevitsky
Kusevickij see: Kusevitsky
Kusevitzky see: Kusevitsky
Kussevitsky see: Kusevitsky
Kussevitzky see: Kusevitsky
Kushenov Dmitrievsky see: Kushenov Dmitrevsky
Kuschnarew see: Kushnaryov
Kushnarev see: Kushnaryov
Kushnariov see: Kushnaryov
Kusnarev see: Kushnaryov
Kusakov see: Kusyakov
Kusjakow see: Kusyakov
Kutavichyus see: Kutavicius
Kutavicus see: Kutavicius
Kutavinius see: Kutavicius
Kuzamarov see: Kuzhamyarov
Kuzamjarov see: Kuzhamyarov
Kuzhamiarov see: Kuzhamyarov
Kusmin see: Kuzmin
Kusnetzow see: Kuznetsov
Kusnezow see: Kuznetsov
Kuznecov see: Kuznetsov
Kuzniacol see: Kuznetsov
Kuzniecov see: Kuznetsov
Kuznetzova see: Kuznetsova
Kvernaje see: Kvernadze
Kwenadze see: Kvernadze
Kwernadse see: Kvernadze
Kwernadze see: Kvernadze
Cui see: Kyui
Kjui see: Kyui
Lagidse see: Lagidze
Lagije see: Lagidze
Lapinski see: Lapinsky
Lapinskij see: Lapinsky
Lapynsky see: Lapinsky
Laroche, Herman see: Larosh
Larosj see: Larosh
Laskovski see: Laskovsky
Laskovskij see: Laskovsky
Laurushas see: Laurusas
Laurusus see: Laurusas
Lavrivskyj see: Lavrovsky
Lavrovskij see: Lavrovsky
Lavri see: Lavry
Lebedeff, Vasily see: Lebedev
Lebedew see: Lebedev
Bas Lebedinets see: Lebedinets
Ledenev see: Ledenyov
Ledenew see: Ledenyov
Ledeniov see: Ledenyov
Ledenjov see: Ledenyov
Ledenjow see: Ledenyov
Ledenyev see: Ledenyov
Lehman, Albert see: Leman
Lenskij see: Lensky
Leontovic see: Leontovich
Leontovitch see: Leontovich
Leontovyc see: Leontovich
Leontovych see: Leontovich
Liepins, Anatoly see: Lepin
Lepnur see: Lepnurm
Leschetitzky see: Leschetizky (polish)
Leschitizky see: Leschetizky (polish)
Leszetycki see: Leschetizky (polish)
Levaschov see: Levashov
Levasjov see: Levashov
Levasov see: Levashov
Lewaschow see: Levashov
Michelet, Michel see: Levin
Lewit see: Levit
Lewitin see: Levitin
Levitski see: Levitsky
Levitzki see: Levitsky
Levitzky see: Levitsky
Levitzski see: Levitsky
Limondjian see: Limondzhyan
Limondzan see: Limondzhyan
Limondzjan see: Limondzhyan
Lineff see: Linyova
Lineva see: Linyova
Linewa see: Linyova
Papritz see: Linyova
Nivlyansky see: Lishin
Lisovskij see: Lisovsky
Lisowsky, Leonid see: Lisovsky
Listow see: Listov
Litinski see: Litinsky
Litinskij see: Litinsky
Litinskiy see: Litinsky
Lobacev see: Lobachyov
Lobachev see: Lobachyov
Lobanow see: Lobanov
Lobkovskij see: Lobkovsky
Lodizhensky see: Lodyzhensky
Lodygensky see: Lodyzhensky
Lodyzensky see: Lodyzhensky
Lokschin see: Lokshin
Lomakhin see: Lomakin
Lomakine see: Lomakin
Londonow see: Londonov
Lopatnikoff see: Lopatnikov
Lopatnikow see: Lopatnikov
Lucenok see: Luchenok
Luchanok see: Luchenok
Lutschenok see: Luchenok
Lukijanow see: Lukyanov
Lukijnov see: Lukyanov
Lukjanow see: Lukyanov
Luppow see: Luppov
Lourie, Arthur see: Lurye
Lurie, Arthur see: Lurye
Lurje see: Lurye
Lutsch see: Lutschg (german)
Lyutsh see: Lutschg (german)
Lvof see: Lvov
Lvoff see: Lvov
Lvow see: Lvov
Lwoff see: Lvov
Lwow see: Lvov
Lvov Kornpaneyets see: Lvov Kompaneyets
Lvovna see: Lvova
Lvovski see: Lvovsky
Lvovskij see: Lvovsky
Lvovskiy see: Lvovsky
Liadoff see: Lyadov
Liadov see: Lyadov
Liadow see: Lyadov
Ljadov see: Lyadov
Ljadow see: Lyadov
Liadova see: Lyadova
Liakhov see: Lyakhov
Lyakhnov see: Lyakhov
Liapounov see: Lyapunov
Liapounow see: Lyapunov
Liapunov see: Lyapunov
Liapunow see: Lyapunov
Ljapunov see: Lyapunov
Ljapunow see: Lyapunov
Liatochinski see: Lyatoshinsky
Liatochinsky see: Lyatoshinsky
Liatoshinskii see: Lyatoshinsky
Liatoshinsky see: Lyatoshinsky
Liatoshynsky see: Lyatoshinsky
Liatoshynskyi see: Lyatoshinsky
Ljatoschinski see: Lyatoshinsky
Ljatoschinsky see: Lyatoshinsky
Ljatosjinskij see: Lyatoshinsky
Ljatosynskyj see: Lyatoshinsky
Lyatochynsky see: Lyatoshinsky
Lyatoschinsky see: Lyatoshinsky
Lyatoshynsky see: Lyatoshinsky
Latte, Raimond see: Lyatte
Ljatte see: Lyatte
Lisenko see: Lysenko
Lissenko see: Lysenko
Lyssenko see: Lysenko
Ljubowski see: Lyubovsky
Liudevich see: Lyudkevich
Liudkevich see: Lyudkevich
Liudkevych see: Lyudkevich
Liudkevytch see: Lyudkevich
Liudkievich see: Lyudkevich
Ljudkevic see: Lyudkevich
Ljudkevyc see: Lyudkevich
Ljudkewytsch see: Lyudkevich
Ludkevic see: Lyudkevich
Ludkevich see: Lyudkevich
Ludkevytch see: Lyudkevich
Ludkewycz see: Lyudkevich
Ludkewytsch see: Lyudkevich
Lyudkevic see: Lyudkevich
Lyudkevych see: Lyudkevich
Macavariani see: Machavariani
Machavaryani see: Machavariani
Machivariani see: Machavariani
Matchavariani see: Machavariani
Matsjavariani see: Machavariani
Magaloff see: Magalov
Magomaev see: Magomayev
Magomajev see: Magomayev
Magomajew see: Magomayev
Mahomayev see: Magomayev
Majboroda see: Maiboroda
Mayboroda see: Maiboroda
Majkapar see: Maikapar
Maykapar see: Maikapar
Mailjan see: Mailyan
Majzel see: Maizel
Mayzel see: Maizel
Makatschinas see: Makacinas
Makaroff, Nikolay see: Makarov
Makarow see: Makarov
Makarowa see: Makarova
Maximov see: Maksimov
Maximova see: Maksimova
Maximowa see: Maksimova
Malaskin see: Malashkin
Maldibayev see: Maldybayev
Maldybaev see: Maldybayev
Maldibayeva see: Maldybayeva
Malischewsky see: Malishevsky (russian)
Maliszevski see: Malishevsky (russian)
Maliszewski, Witold see: Malishevsky (russian)
Melishevsky see: Malishevsky (russian)
Sidorenko, Tamara see: Malyukova
Mamedow see: Mamedov
Mamisasvili see: Mamisashvili
Mamissachvili see: Mamisashvili
Manevic see: Manevich
Manievitch see: Manevich
Mansourian see: Mansuryan
Manssurian see: Mansuryan
Manssurjan see: Mansuryan
Mansurian see: Mansuryan
Mansurjan see: Mansuryan
Manykin Nevstruev see: Manykin Nevstruyev
Nevstruev Manykin see: Manykin Nevstruyev
Nevstruev see: Manykin Nevstruyev
Nevstruyev Manykin see: Manykin Nevstruyev
Nevstruyev see: Manykin Nevstruyev
Markevic see: Markevich
Markevitch see: Markevich
Markevitj see: Markevich
Markevitsch see: Markevich
Markevyc see: Markevich
Markevych see: Markevich
Markewitsch see: Markevich
Martinov see: Martynov
Martinow see: Martynov
Martynow see: Martynov
Marutaev see: Marutayev
Matinskij see: Matinsky
Matskewitsch see: Matskevich
Matveev see: Matveyev
Matwejew see: Matveyev
Matjuk see: Matyuk
Matiushin see: Matyushin
Matyuschin see: Matyushin
Matyusin see: Matyushin
Majerski see: Mayersky
Majevskyj see: Mayersky
Mazaev see: Mazayev
Maschukow see: Mazhukov
Mashukov see: Mazhukov
Mchedishvili see: Mchedelov
Mchedlishvili see: Mchedelov
Mchedolov see: Mchedelov
Medin, Janis see: Medins
Medin, Jazeps see: Medins
Medin, Jekabs see: Medins
Medyn see: Medins
Megvinet Ukhutesi see: Megvinet Ukhutsesi
Meitoes see: Meitus
Mejtus see: Meitus
Meytus see: Meitus
Melgounoff, Nikolay see: Melgunov
Melgounoff, Yuly see: Melgunov
Melgunow see: Melgunov
Melik Pasaev see: Melik Pashayev
Melik Pashaer see: Melik Pashayev
Melik Pashaiev see: Melik Pashayev
Melikow see: Melikov
Melikian, Romanos see: Melikyan
Melikian, Spiridon see: Melikyan
Melikjan see: Melikyan
Melkich see: Melkikh
Melkih see: Melkikh
Melnikow see: Melnikov
Mendygaliev see: Mendygaliyev
Metallow see: Metallov
Medtner see: Metner
Meerovich see: Meyerovich
Meyerovitch see: Meyerovich
Meyerowitsch see: Meyerovich
Michailov see: Mikhailov
Michailow see: Mikhailov
Milmann see: Milman
Milstein, Nathan see: Milshtein
Miljutin see: Milyutin
Mindoraschwili see: Mindorashvili
Mirgorodski see: Mirgorodsky
Mirgorodskij see: Mirgorodsky
Mironow see: Mironov
Mirovitch see: Mirovich
Mirsa-Sade see: Mirza-Zade
Mirzazada see: Mirza-Zade
Mirzazade see: Mirza-Zade
Mirsojan see: Mirzoyan
Mirsoyan see: Mirzoyan
Mirzoian see: Mirzoyan
Mirzojan see: Mirzoyan
Mirsojew see: Mirzoyev
Mirzayev see: Mirzoyev
Mirzoev see: Mirzoyev
Milynarsky see: Mlynarski (polish)
Mlynarsky see: Mlynarski (polish)
Mokrousov see: Mokrusov
Mokrousow see: Mokrusov
Mokroussov see: Mokrusov
Mokrussov see: Mokrusov
Mokrussow see: Mokrusov
Molcanov see: Molchanov
Moltchanov see: Molchanov
Moltjanov see: Molchanov
Moltschanov see: Molchanov
Moltschanow see: Molchanov
Moltshanov see: Molchanov
Moltsjanov see: Molchanov
Moldobacanov see: Moldobasanov
Moldobasanow see: Moldobasanov
Moldobassanov see: Moldobasanov
Monasipov see: Monasypov
Monassipov see: Monasypov
Monasupov see: Monasypov
Morosow see: Morosov
Mossolov see: Mosolov
Mossolow see: Mosolov
Movsesian see: Movsesyan
Movsesjan see: Movsesyan
Mowsessjan see: Movsesyan
Mschwelidse see: Mshvelidze
Mshevelidze see: Mshvelidze
Mshwelidse see: Mshvelidze
Msvelidze see: Mshvelidze
Msvelije see: Mshvelidze
Mcedelov see: Mtchedelov
Mchedelov see: Mtchedelov
Mtschedelow see: Mtchedelov
Mtshedelov see: Mtchedelov
Mukhamedjanov see: Mukhamedzhanov
Mukhamedzyanov see: Mukhamedzhanov
Mukhamejanov see: Mukhamedzhanov
Moechatov see: Mukhatov
Moechatow see: Mukhatov
Muhatov see: Mukhatov
Muljar see: Mulyar
Muradely see: Muradeli
Muradov see: Muradeli
Murawljew see: Muravljov
Muravlev see: Muravlyov
Muravliev see: Muravlyov
Murawjov see: Muravlyov
Mouravieff see: Muravyov
Mouraviev see: Muravyov
Muraviev see: Muravyov
Muravyev see: Muravyov
Musel, Georgy see: Mushel
Mousorgsky see: Musorgsky
Moussorgski see: Musorgsky
Moussorgsky see: Musorgsky
Musorgskij see: Musorgsky
Mussorgski see: Musorgsky
Mussorgskij see: Musorgsky
Mussorgsky see: Musorgsky
Mustafa Zadeh see: Mustafa Zade
Mustafazade see: Mustafa Zade
Mustafazadeh see: Mustafa Zade
Magi, Aarne see: Myagi
Magi, Ester see: Myagi
Magi, Paul see: Myagi
Magi, Priit see: Myagi
Magi, Riho see: Myagi
Magi, Tonis see: Myagi
Miagi see: Myagi
Mjagi see: Myagi
Miaskov see: Myaskov
Miaskovski see: Myaskovsky
Miaskovskii see: Myaskovsky
Miaskovskij see: Myaskovsky
Miaskovsky see: Myaskovsky
Miaskowski see: Myaskovsky
Miaskowsky see: Myaskovsky
Mjaskovskij see: Myaskovsky
Mjaskovsky see: Myaskovsky
Mjaskowski see: Myaskovsky
Mjaskowskij see: Myaskovsky
Minbayev see: Mynbayev
Mynbaev see: Mynbayev
Mynbajew see: Mynbayev
Mynow see: Mynov
Nabocoff see: Nabokov
Nabokoff see: Nabokov
Nabokow see: Nabokov
Nadaraja see: Nadaraya
Nadezdin see: Nadezhdin
Nagaev see: Nagayev
Nagajev see: Nagayev
Nagovitsyn see: Nagovitsin
Nagovitzin see: Nagovitsin
Nagovizin see: Nagovitsin
Nagowizin see: Nagovitsin
Naimuschin see: Naimushin
Naisoo see: Naissoo
Naisso see: Naissoo
Nalbandjan see: Nalbandyan
Napravnike see: Napravnik
Naprawnik see: Napravnik
Nasidse see: Nasidze
Nassidse see: Nasidze
Nassidze see: Nasidze
Naujalio see: Naujalis
Nebolssine see: Nebolsin
Nechaev see: Nechayev
Nechajev see: Nechayev
Nechayew see: Nechayev
Netchajev see: Nechayev
Netchayev see: Nechayev
Netschajew see: Nechayev
Nekrassov see: Nekrasov
Nekrassow see: Nekrasov
Nekrassowa see: Nekrasova
Nesteriv see: Nesterov
Nesterow see: Nesterov
Nevski see: Nevsky
Yemelyanov see: Nevsky
Nicodemowicz see: Nikodemovich
Nikodemnowicz see: Nikodemovich
Nikodemowicz see: Nikodemovich
Nikolaev, Aleksey see: Nikolayev
Nikolaev, Andrey see: Nikolayev
Nikolaev, Leonid see: Nikolayev
Nikolaev, Vladimir see: Nikolayev
Nikolaieff, Aleksey see: Nikolayev
Nikolaieff, Andrey see: Nikolayev
Nikolaieff, Leonid see: Nikolayev
Nikolaieff, Vladimir see: Nikolayev
Nikolaiew, Aleksey see: Nikolayev
Nikolaiew, Andrey see: Nikolayev
Nikolaiew, Leonid see: Nikolayev
Nikolaiew, Vladimir see: Nikolayev
Nikolaiyev, Aleksey see: Nikolayev
Nikolaiyev, Andrey see: Nikolayev
Nikolaiyev, Leonid see: Nikolayev
Nikolaiyev, Vladimir see: Nikolayev
Nikolajev, Aleksey see: Nikolayev
Nikolajev, Andrey see: Nikolayev
Nikolajev, Leonid see: Nikolayev
Nikolajev, Vladimir see: Nikolayev
Nikolajew, Aleksey see: Nikolayev
Nikolajew, Andrey see: Nikolayev
Nikolajew, Leonid see: Nikolayev
Nikolajew, Vladimir see: Nikolayev
Nikolaeva, Tatyana see: Nikolayeva
Nikolaieva, Tatyana see: Nikolayeva
Nikolajeva, Tatyana see: Nikolayeva
Nikolajewa, Tatyana see: Nikolayeva
Nikolaevsky see: Nikolayevsky
Nikolaievsky see: Nikolayevsky
Nikolaiewskiy see: Nikolayevsky
Nikolskaia see: Nikolskaya
Nikolski see: Nikolsky
Nikolskij see: Nikolsky
Nikolskiy see: Nikolsky
Fedorov, Fyodor see: Niman (german)
Fyodorov, Fyodor see: Niman (german)
Nischinskij see: Nishchinsky
Niscynskyj see: Nishchinsky
Nishchynsky see: Nishchinsky
Niszcynsky see: Nishchinsky
Nizhinsky see: Nishchinsky
Niazi see: Niyazi
Nijazi see: Niyazi
Tagizade Gadzhibekov see: Niyazi
Tagi-zade Gadzhibekov see: Niyazi
Tagi-zade Hajibeyov see: Niyazi
Tagi-zade Khadzhibekov see: Niyazi
Nizankivsky see: Nizhankovsky
Nizankorsky see: Nizhankovsky
Nizankovskij see: Nizhankovsky
Nizjankovskij see: Nizhankovsky
Nolinskij see: Nolinsky
Skryabin, Nikolay see: Nolinsky
Nowikow see: Novikov
Nurimov see: Nurymov
Nurimow see: Nurymov
Nuriev see: Nuryyev
Nuryev see: Nuryyev
Niaga see: Nyaga
Obouchov see: Obukhov
Obouhov see: Obukhov
Obouhow see: Obukhov
Obuchov see: Obukhov
Obuchow see: Obukhov
Obuhov see: Obukhov
Odoevsky see: Odoyevsky
Odoiewsky see: Odoyevsky
Odojevskij see: Odoyevsky
Odojewski see: Odoyevsky
Odojewskij see: Odoyevsky
Oganezasvili see: Oganezashvili
Oistrach see: Oistrakh
Okudjava see: Okudzhava
Okudschawa see: Okudzhava
Okudshawa see: Okudzhava
Okudzawa see: Okudzhava
Okunjev see: Okunev
Okunjew see: Okunev
Okunyev see: Okunev
Okunyew see: Okunev
Gershov see: Oransky
Oranski see: Oransky
Orbelian see: Orbelyan
Ordelovskis see: Ordelovsky
Orfayev see: Orfeyev
Orlov Sokolovskij see: Orlov Sokolovsky
Osokine see: Osokin
Ossovskij see: Ossovsky
Ostroglazow see: Ostroglazov
Ostrovaky see: Ostrovsky
Ostrovskii see: Ostrovsky
Ostrovskij see: Ostrovsky
Ovchinikov see: Ovchinnikov
Ovcinnikov see: Ovchinnikov
Ovtchinnikov see: Ovchinnikov
Owtschinnikow see: Ovchinnikov
Ovsianiko Kulikovskii, Nikolay see: Ovsyaniko Kulikovsky
Ovsianko Kulikovskii, Nikolay see: Ovsyaniko Kulikovsky
Hovounts see: Ovunts
Hovunc see: Ovunts
Hovunts see: Ovunts
Khovunts see: Ovunts
Ovunc see: Ovunts
Pakhulsky see: Pachulski (polish)
Pachmutova see: Pakhmutova
Pachmutowa see: Pakhmutova
Pakhmatova see: Pakhmutova
Klyuchnikov see: Palantay
Palantaj see: Palantay
Paliaschwili see: Paliashvili
Paliashvily see: Paliashvili
Paliasvili see: Paliashvili
Palsau see: Palschau (german)
Pancenko see: Panchenko
Panickij see: Panitsky
Panitzky see: Panitsky
Panizki see: Panitsky
Pantjukow see: Pantyukov
Parfjonov see: Parfyonov
Parsadanian see: Parsadanyan
Parsadanjan see: Parsadanyan
Parsadanov see: Parsadanyan
Parcchaladze see: Partskhaladze
Parchaladze see: Partskhaladze
Partskaladze see: Partskhaladze
Partzhaladze see: Partskhaladze
Parzchaladse see: Partskhaladze
Pascenko see: Pashchenko
Paschtschenko see: Pashchenko
Pachkevitch see: Pashkevich
Paschkevitsch see: Pashkevich
Paschkewitsch see: Pashkevich
Paskevic see: Pashkevich
Paskevich see: Pashkevich
Paskevyc see: Pashkevich
Paskewic see: Pashkevich
Paskewitsch see: Pashkevich
Paschalov see: Paskhalov
Paschalow see: Paskhalov
Pashaloff see: Paskhalov
Pashkalow see: Paskhalov
Pasjalov see: Paskhalov
Paskhalow see: Paskhalov
Patlaenko see: Patlayenko
Patlajenko see: Patlayenko
Pawlenko see: Pavlenko
Pawlow see: Pavlov
Pawlowa see: Pavlova
Pejko, Nikolay see: Peiko
Peyko see: Peiko
Petrausko see: Petrauskas
Pjatrauskas see: Petrauskas
Petrow, Andrey see: Petrov
Petrow, Iosif (Osip) see: Petrov
Petrow, Ivan see: Petrov
Petrow, Karl see: Petrov
Petrow, Vasily see: Petrov
Petrowa, Faina see: Petrova
Piatgorsky see: Piatigorsky
Piatigorasky see: Piatigorsky
Pjatigorskij see: Piatigorsky
Pyatigorsky see: Piatigorsky
Pirumow see: Pirumov
Plakadis see: Plakidis
Plakictes see: Plakidis
Pletnev see: Pletnyov
Pletnjov see: Pletnyov
Plieva see: Pliyeva
Podelski see: Podelsky
Podelskij see: Podelsky
Podgoreckij see: Podgoretsky
Padkavyrau see: Podkovyrov
Padkavyrav see: Podkovyrov
Podkovirov see: Podkovyrov
Podkoviurov see: Podkovyrov
Pokras see: Pokrass
Pokrassa see: Pokrass
Polowinkin see: Polovinkin
Polski see: Polsky (russian)
Poltoratzki see: Poltoratsky
Poltoratzky see: Poltoratsky
Poltoratzsky see: Poltoratsky
Poltorazki see: Poltoratsky
Poltorazkij see: Poltoratsky
Poljakin see: Polyakin
Poliakov, Denis see: Polyakov
Poliakov, Miron see: Polyakov
Poliakov, Piotr see: Polyakov
Poliakov, Valery see: Polyakov
Poljakov, Denis see: Polyakov
Poljakov, Miron see: Polyakov
Poljakov, Piotr see: Polyakov
Poljakov, Valery see: Polyakov
Poliakova, Lyudmila see: Polyakova
Poljakova, Lyudmila see: Polyakova
Polianich see: Polyanich
Polyanichenko see: Polyanich
Pomanski see: Pomazansky (russian)
Pomasanski see: Pomazansky (russian)
Pomazanskij see: Pomazansky (russian)
Pomazanskyj see: Pomazansky (russian)
Pomerancev see: Pomerantsev
Pomerantzef see: Pomerantsev
Pomorskij see: Pomorsky
Pomorskyj see: Pomorsky
Popoff, Aleksandr see: Popov
Popoff, Gavriil see: Popov
Popow, Aleksandr see: Popov
Popow, Gavriil see: Popov
Popowa, Katja see: Popova
Potolovskii see: Potolovsky
Potolovskij see: Potolovsky
Potulow see: Potulov
Pozdnayev see: Pozdneyev
Poschlakow see: Pozhlakov
Prach see: Prac (czech)
Pratsch see: Prac (czech)
Pryess see: Press
Prigoschin see: Prigozhin
Prigoshin see: Prigozhin
Prigozhine see: Prigozhin
Prigozin see: Prigozhin
Prigogy see: Prigozhy
Prigoschi see: Prigozhy
Prigozhsky see: Prigozhy
Prigozij see: Prigozhy
Pricker see: Pritsker
Pritzker see: Pritsker
Prochorov see: Prokhorov
Prohhorov see: Prokhorov
Prokofev see: Prokofyev
Prokoffief see: Prokofyev
Prokofieff see: Prokofyev
Prokofiev see: Prokofyev
Prokofjev see: Prokofyev
Prokofjew see: Prokofyev
Prokoviev see: Prokofyev
Protopopoff see: Protopopov
Protopopow see: Protopopov
Ptitschkin see: Ptichkin
Ptitsjkin see: Ptichkin
Pugachewa see: Pugacheva
Pugachova see: Pugacheva
Pugatschow see: Pugachov
Pouischnoff see: Puishnov
Pouishinov see: Puishnov
Pouishnoff see: Puishnov
Pouishnov see: Puishnov
Puchalski, Vladimir (Wlodzimierz) see: Pukhalsky
Puchalsky see: Pukhalsky
Puschkow see: Pushkov
Puskov see: Pushkov
Puzei see: Puzey
Puzej see: Puzey
Part see: Pyart
Pjart see: Pyart
Pjatnickij see: Pyatnitsky
Pjatnizki see: Pyatnitsky
Pats see: Pyats
Pjats see: Pyats
Pildmyae see: Pyldmaa
Poldmae see: Pyldmaa
Poldmaee see: Pyldmaa
Pyldmjae see: Pyldmaa
Rachmadiev see: Rakhmadiyev
Rakhmadiev see: Rakhmadiyev
Rachmaninoff see: Rakhmaninov
Rachmaninov see: Rakhmaninov
Rachmaninow see: Rakhmaninov
Rakow see: Rakov
Raman, Gedert see: Ramans
Ramanis see: Ramans
Mandelshtam, Valentina see: Ramm
Mandelstam, Valentina see: Ramm
Raskatow see: Raskatov
Rauchverger see: Raukhverger
Rauchwerger see: Raukhverger
Raukhberger see: Raukhverger
Rasmadse see: Razmadze
Rasorenov see: Razoryonov
Razorenov see: Razoryonov
Razorionov see: Razoryonov
Rebikoff see: Rebikov
Rebikow see: Rebikov
Rechmenskij see: Rechmensky
Redschepow see: Redjepov
Reimann, Villem see: Reiman
Rejman see: Reiman
Rekaschjus see: Rekasius
Rekasjus see: Rekasius
Repnikow see: Repnikov
Revuckij see: Revutsky
Revucky see: Revutsky
Rewutsky see: Revutsky
Rewuzki see: Revutsky
Rewuzkij see: Revutsky
Rezvoj see: Rezvoy
Purgold see: Rimskaya Korsakova
Rimskaja Korsakova see: Rimskaya Korsakova
Rimskaja Korsakowa see: Rimskaya Korsakova
Rimskaja Korssakowa see: Rimskaya Korsakova
Rimskaya Korsakowa see: Rimskaya Korsakova
Rimskaya Korssakowa see: Rimskaya Korsakova
Rimski Korsakov see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimski Korsakow see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimski Korssakow see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimskij Korsakov see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimskij Korsakow see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimskij Korssakow see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimskiy Korsakov see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimskj Korsakov see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimskogo Korsakova see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimsky Korsakoff see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimsky Korsakow see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimsky Korssakoff see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rimsky Korssakov see: Rimsky Korsakov
Rogal Levic see: Rogal Levitsky
Rogal Levitzky see: Rogal Levitsky
Rogal Lewitzky see: Rogal Levitsky
Rogal Lewizkij see: Rogal Levitsky
Rogalev see: Rogalyov
Rogaliov see: Rogalyov
Rogaliow see: Rogalyov
Rogaljov see: Rogalyov
Rogaljow see: Rogalyov
Rogalyev see: Rogalyov
Roslavec see: Roslavets
Roslavetz see: Roslavets
Roslavez see: Roslavets
Roslawetz see: Roslavets
Roslawez see: Roslavets
Rozner, Eddie see: Rosner (german)
Rostropovic see: Rostropovich
Rostropovitch see: Rostropovich
Rostropowitsch see: Rostropovich
Rosanoff, Alexander see: Rozanov
Roschawskaja see: Rozavskaya
Rosenov, Emil see: Rozenov
Rosenow, Emil see: Rozenov
Rozhavska see: Rozhavskaya
Rosdestwenskij see: Rozhdestvensky
Rozdestvenski see: Rozhdestvensky
Rozdestvensky see: Rozhdestvensky
Rozjdestvenskij see: Rozhdestvensky
Rozjnov see: Rozhnov
Roznov see: Rozhnov
Rozjnova see: Rozhnova
Rosovski see: Rozovsky
Rosovsky see: Rozovsky
Rosowsky see: Rozovsky
Rozovskij see: Rozovsky
Rubetz see: Rubets
Rubenstein, Anton see: Rubinshtein
Rubenstein, Joseph (1847-1884) see: Rubinshtein
Rubenstein, Nikolay see: Rubinshtein
Rubinstein, Anton see: Rubinshtein
Rubinstein, Joseph (1847-1884) see: Rubinshtein
Rubinstein, Nikolay see: Rubinshtein
Rubinstejn, Anton see: Rubinshtein
Rubinstejn, Joseph (1847-1884) see: Rubinshtein
Rubinstejn, Nikolay see: Rubinshtein
Rubinsteyn, Anton see: Rubinshtein
Rubinsteyn, Joseph (1847-1884) see: Rubinshtein
Rubinsteyn, Nikolay see: Rubinshtein
Rubzow see: Rubzov
Zilber see: Ruchyov
Rupini see: Rupin
Riabinin see: Ryabinin
Riabov see: Ryabov
Rjabov see: Ryabov
Rjabow see: Ryabov
Riasanov see: Ryazanov
Riasanow see: Ryazanov
Riazanov see: Ryazanov
Riazanow see: Ryazanov
Ribnikov see: Rybnikov
Ribnikow see: Rybnikov
Rybnikow see: Rybnikov
Sabaneev see: Sabaneyev
Sabaneiev see: Sabaneyev
Sabanejew see: Sabaneyev
Sabaneyeff see: Sabaneyev
Sabinina, Marfa see: Sabinin (danish)
Sabininova, Martha see: Sabinin (danish)
Sabinin, Marina see: Sabinina (russian)
Sadojan see: Sadoyan
Sagatow see: Sagatov
Sagorzew see: Sagorzev
Dzhalil see: Saifi
Dzhalilov see: Saifi
Saifitdinow see: Saifiddinov
Sajfiddinov see: Saifiddinov
Sayfiddinov see: Saifiddinov
Saleski, Gdal see: Salesky
Saliman Wladimirow see: Saliman Vladimirov
Salmanow see: Salmanov
Salnikow see: Salnikov
Saminski see: Saminsky
Saminskij see: Saminsky
Samonow see: Samonov
Sapellnikoff see: Sapelnikov
Sapellnikov see: Sapelnikov
Sapiyentsa see: Sapienza (italian)
Sapojnikov see: Sapozhnikov
Saposchnikow see: Sapozhnikov
Saposhnikov see: Sapozhnikov
Saposnikov see: Sapozhnikov
Saposnikow see: Sapozhnikov
Sapoznikov see: Sapozhnikov
Sarian see: Saryan
Sarjan see: Saryan
Sasnaukas see: Sasnauskas
Sosnowski, Czeslaw see: Sasnauskas
Saulski see: Saulsky
Arutyun see: Sayat Nova (pseud)
Sayadyan Arutyun see: Sayat Nova (pseud)
Schloetzer, Pavel see: Schloezer (german)
Shloetzer, Pavel see: Schloezer (german)
Shlyotzer, Pavel see: Schloezer (german)
Scholtz, Friedrich see: Scholz (german)
Sholts, Fyodor see: Scholz (german)
Shubert, Vilgelm see: Schubert (not russian born)
Schubert, Karl (1811-1863) see: Schuberth (german)
Shubert, Karl (1811-1863) see: Schuberth (german)
Seckin see: Sechkin
Sedelnikow see: Sedelnikov
Seyfert, Jan see: Seifert (czech)
Seyffert, Jan see: Seifert (czech)
Zeifert, Ivan see: Seifert (czech)
Semenoff, Ivan see: Semenoff (french)
Semyonov, Ivan see: Semenoff (french)
Semenof see: Semyonov
Semenoff see: Semyonov
Semenov see: Semyonov
Semenow see: Semyonov
Semionov see: Semyonov
Semjonov see: Semyonov
Semjonow see: Semyonov
Semyenov see: Semyonov
Semyonow see: Semyonov
Iskender, Yevgeny see: Semyonov Iskender
Senderov see: Senderovas
Senderowas see: Senderovas
Shenderov, Anatoly see: Senderovas
Shenderovas see: Senderovas
Senilof see: Senilov
Seniloff see: Senilov
Senilow see: Senilov
Senitsya see: Senitsa
Senitza see: Senitsa
Golm see: Serebryany
Sergeeva see: Sergeyeva
Sergejeva see: Sergeyeva
Sergejewa see: Sergeyeva
Sergeyevna see: Sergeyeva
Seroff, Aleksandr see: Serov
Serow see: Serov
Bergman, Valentina see: Serova
Schabanow see: Shabanov
Schainski see: Shainsky
Shainskii see: Shainsky
Shainskiy see: Shainsky
Schachidi see: Shakhidi
Shahidi see: Shakhidi
Shakhidy see: Shakhidi
Shakidi see: Shakhidi
Schalajew see: Shalayev
Shalaev see: Shalayev
Samo see: Shamo
Chaporin see: Shaporin
Chaporine see: Shaporin
Chapourine see: Shaporin
Saporin see: Shaporin
Schaporin see: Shaporin
Shaporine see: Shaporin
Sjaporin see: Shaporin
Schapochnikov see: Shaposhnikov
Schaposchnikow see: Shaposhnikov
Schaposhnikoff see: Shaposhnikov
Schaposhnikov see: Shaposhnikov
Schatrow see: Shatrov
Saverzasvili see: Shaverzashvili
Schawersaschwili see: Shaverzashvili
Schawerzaschwili see: Shaverzashvili
Shaverashvili see: Shaverzashvili
Chtchedrin see: Shchedrin
Scedrin see: Shchedrin
Schtschedrin see: Shchedrin
Sedrin see: Shchedrin
Shchedrine see: Shchedrin
Shtschedrin see: Shchedrin
Sjtjedrin see: Shchedrin
Stschedrin see: Shchedrin
Schtschekotow see: Shchekotov
Chtcherbachov see: Shcherbachyov
Scerbacev see: Shcherbachyov
Scherbachev see: Shcherbachyov
Scherbachew see: Shcherbachyov
Scherbachov see: Shcherbachyov
Scherbatchov see: Shcherbachyov
Schtscherbatschew see: Shcherbachyov
Shcherbachev see: Shcherbachyov
Shcherbachov see: Shcherbachyov
Sherbachev see: Shcherbachyov
Stcherbachev see: Shcherbachyov
Stcherbatcheff see: Shcherbachyov
Stcherbatchev see: Shcherbachyov
Stcherbatscheff see: Shcherbachyov
Schtschetinski see: Shchetinsky
Shchetinski see: Shchetinsky
Schtschetow see: Shchetov
Schurovsky see: Shchurovsky
Scurovskij see: Shchurovsky
Surovskij see: Shchurovsky
Chebalin see: Shebalin
Chebaline see: Shebalin
Schebalin see: Shebalin
Sebalin see: Shebalin
Sjebalin see: Shebalin
Schechter, Boris see: Shekhter
Shekter, Boris see: Shekhter
Schenck, Pyotr see: Shenk
Chenchin see: Shenshin
Chenchine see: Shenshin
Schenschin see: Shenshin
Shenschin see: Shenshin
Schepeljew see: Shepelyev
Cheremetev see: Sheremetev
Sheremetiev see: Sheremetev
Sheremetyev see: Sheremetev
Schillinger, Joseph see: Shillinger
Schirinski see: Shirinsky
Sirinskij see: Shirinsky
Schirokow see: Shirokov
Schischakov see: Shishakov
Schischakow see: Shishakov
Sisakov see: Shishakov
Schischor see: Shishov
Schischov see: Shishov
Schischow see: Shishov
Skliar see: Shklyar
Skljar see: Shklyar
Sklyar see: Shklyar
Schloetzer, Boris see: Shloetzer (russian)
Schloezer, Boris see: Shloetzer (russian)
Shlyotzer, Boris see: Shloetzer (russian)
Schnitke see: Shnitke
Schnittke see: Shnitke
Nerses Iv Klayetsi see: Shnorali Nerses
Nerses Shnorali see: Shnorali Nerses
Shnorhali Nerses see: Shnorali Nerses
Chostakovich see: Shostakovich
Chostakovitch see: Shostakovich
Chostakowitch see: Shostakovich
Schostakovic see: Shostakovich
Schostakovich see: Shostakovich
Schostakovitsch see: Shostakovich
Schostakowitsch see: Shostakovich
Shostakovish see: Shostakovich
Shostakovitch see: Shostakovich
Shostakovitj see: Shostakovich
Shostakovits see: Shostakovich
Shostakovitsj see: Shostakovich
Shostakowich see: Shostakovich
Shostakowitsch see: Shostakovich
Shostakowski see: Shostakovich
Sjostakovitj see: Shostakovich
Sjostakowitsj see: Shostakovich
Sostakovic see: Shostakovich
Shteynberg see: Shteinberg
Steinberg, Lev see: Shteinberg
Steinberg, Maksimilian see: Shteinberg
Steinberg, Semyon see: Shteinberg
Sternberg, Constantin see: Shternberg
Sternberg, Konstantin see: Shternberg
Chtogarenko see: Shtogarenko
Chtoharenko see: Shtogarenko
Schtogarenko see: Shtogarenko
Shtoharenko see: Shtogarenko
Stogarenko see: Shtogarenko
Stoharenko see: Shtogarenko
Streicher, Lyubov see: Shtreikher
Streikher see: Shtreikher
Schukov see: Shukov
Schukow see: Shukov
Shukow see: Shukov
Schukowskaja see: Shukovskaya
Schukovsky see: Shukovsky
Schukowskij see: Shukovsky
Shukovski see: Shukovsky
Sulepnikov see: Shulepnikov
Chout see: Shut
Schut, Vladislav see: Shut
Sciut see: Shut
Shoot see: Shut
Sut, Vasily see: Shut
Sut, Vladislav see: Shut
Schwarts, Aleksandr see: Shvarts
Schwarts, Isaak see: Shvarts
Schwarts, Lev see: Shvarts
Schwartz, Aleksandr see: Shvarts
Schwartz, Isaak see: Shvarts
Schwartz, Lev see: Shvarts
Schwarz, Aleksandr see: Shvarts
Schwarz, Boris see: Shvarts
Schwarz, Isaak see: Shvarts
Schwarz, Lev see: Shvarts
Schwarz, Nikolay see: Shvarts
Schwarz, Samuil see: Shvarts
Shvarc see: Shvarts
Shvartz see: Shvarts
Svarc, Isaak see: Shvarts
Svarc, Lev see: Shvarts
Svarts see: Shvarts
Schvedov see: Shvedov
Shvedoff see: Shvedov
Svedov, Dmitry see: Shvedov
Sichynsky see: Sichinsky
Sidelnikow see: Sidelnikov
Sichra see: Sikhra
Sychra, Andrey see: Sikhra
Silvanskij see: Silvansky
Silvanskyj see: Silvansky
Silwestrow see: Silvestrov
Simanskij see: Simansky
Simonian, Nadezhda see: Simonyan
Simonjan see: Simonyan
Simovic, Roman see: Simovich
Simovyc see: Simovich
Simovych see: Simovich
Skokof see: Skokov
Skokoff see: Skokov
Skorikh see: Skorik
Skoro see: Skorik
Skoryk see: Skorik
Skorulskij see: Skorulsky
Skorulskyj see: Skorulsky
Skoworoda see: Skovoroda
Scriabin see: Skryabin
Scriabine see: Skryabin
Scryabin see: Skryabin
Skriabin see: Skryabin
Skriabine see: Skryabin
Skrjabin see: Skryabin
Scriabine, Marina see: Skryabina
Skriabin, Marina see: Skryabina
Skriabina see: Skryabina
Skriabine, Marina see: Skryabina
Skrjabina see: Skryabina
Skryabin, Marina see: Skryabina
Mysnik, Sol see: Slonimsky
Slonimski see: Slonimsky
Slonimskii see: Slonimsky
Slonimskij see: Slonimsky
Sloninsky see: Slonimsky
Smirnow see: Smirnov
Smirnowa see: Smirnova
Smolski see: Smolsky
Smolskij see: Smolsky
Sokalsi see: Sokalsky
Sokalski see: Sokalsky
Sokalskij see: Sokalsky
Sokalskyj see: Sokalsky
Sokalsy see: Sokalsky
Sokolsky see: Sokalsky
Sokoloff, Vladimir (1913-1997) see: Sokoloff
Sokoloff, Ilya see: Sokolov
Sokoloff, Nikolay (1859-1922) see: Sokolov
Sokoloff, Nikolay (1889-1965) see: Sokolov
Sokoloff, Vladimir (1830-1890) see: Sokolov
Sokolow, Nikolay (1859-1922) see: Sokolov
Sokolow, Nikolay (1889-1965) see: Sokolov
Sokolow, Iwan see: Sokolov, Ivan
Sokolow, Wladimir see: Sokolov, Vladimir
Sokolovski, Mikhail see: Sokolovsky
Sokolowitsch, Nikolay (1865-1921) see: Sokolovsky
Sokolowsky, Mikhail see: Sokolovsky
Sokolowsky, Nikolay (1865-1921) see: Sokolovsky
Sokolovski, Marek (Mark) see: Sokolowski (polish)
Sokolovskij, Marek (Mark) see: Sokolowski (polish)
Sokolovsky, Marek (Mark) see: Sokolowski (polish)
Sokolovskyj, Marek (Mark) see: Sokolowski (polish)
Kaganovich, Lev see: Solin
Kaganovich, Solomon see: Solin
Soloducho see: Solodukho
Solovev see: Solovyov
Soloviev see: Solovyov
Soloviov see: Solovyov
Solovjov see: Solovyov
Solovyev see: Solovyov
Solowieff see: Solovyov
Solowiew see: Solovyov
Solowjew see: Solovyov
Solowjov see: Solovyov
Solowjow see: Solovyov
Soloviev Sedoi see: Solovyov Sedoy
Soloviev Sedoy see: Solovyov Sedoy
Soloviov Sedoi see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solovjov Sedoj see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solovyev Sedoi see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solovyev Sedoj see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solovyev Sedoy see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solovyov Sedoi see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solovyov, Vasily see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solowjew Sedoj see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solowjov Sedoj see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solowjow Sedoi see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solowjow Sedoj see: Solovyov Sedoy
Solovjova kull see: Solovyova Kull
Sosnovcev see: Sosnovtsev
Sotnykov see: Sotnikov
Sowinsky, Wojciech see: Sowinski (polish)
Sowiski, Wojciech see: Sowinski (polish)
Spadavecchia see: Spadavekkia
Spadavekpia see: Spadavekkia
Spendiarian see: Spendiarov
Spendiarof see: Spendiarov
Spendiarow see: Spendiarov
Spendiaryan see: Spendiarov
Shramek see: Sramek (czech)
Stabhinger see: Stabinger (italian)
Stabingher see: Stabinger (italian)
Staubinger see: Stabinger (italian)
Staubingher see: Stabinger (italian)
Stancinskij see: Stanchinsky
Stancinsky see: Stanchinsky
Stantschinski see: Stanchinsky
Stantschinsky see: Stanchinsky
Stantshinski see: Stanchinsky
Laumenskene see: Stanekaite Laumyanskene
Laumyanskene see: Stanekaite Laumyanskene
Stanekaite Laumjanskene see: Stanekaite Laumyanskene
Stankevich see: Stankovich
Stankevych see: Stankovich
Stankovitch see: Stankovich
Stankovyc see: Stankovich
Stankovych see: Stankovich
Stankowitch, Yevgeny see: Stankovich
Stankowitsch see: Stankovich
Starokadomski see: Starokadomsky
Starokadomskij see: Starokadomsky
Stakowski see: Statkowski (polish)
Statkovski see: Statkowski (polish)
Statkowsky see: Statkowski (polish)
Stempnevski see: Stempnevsky
Stempnevskij see: Stempnevsky
Stempnewski see: Stempnevsky
Stepanow see: Stepanov
Stepanowa see: Stepanova
Stepanian see: Stepanyan
Stepanjan see: Stepanyan
Stephanian see: Stepanyan
Stephanyan see: Stepanyan
Akimenko, Yakov see: Stepovoy
Jakymenko, Yakov see: Stepovoy
Stepovij see: Stepovoy
Stepovoi see: Stepovoy
Stepovy see: Stepovoy
Stepovyj see: Stepovoy
Yakimenko, Yakov see: Stepovoy
Yakymenko, Yakov see: Stepovoy
Stecenko see: Stetsenko
Stetjenko see: Stetsenko
Stetzenko see: Stetsenko
Stezenko see: Stetsenko
Stichin see: Stikhin
Stillmann, Mitya see: Stillman
Strannoljubski see: Strannolyubsky
Strannoljubskij see: Strannolyubsky
Strannolyubskii see: Strannolyubsky
Straumes see: Straume
Stravinski see: Stravinsky
Stravinskij see: Stravinsky
Stravinskiy see: Stravinsky
Strawinski see: Stravinsky
Strawinsky see: Stravinsky
Mezenkampf see: Strelnikov
Strelnikow see: Strelnikov
Struiskij see: Struisky
Strujskij see: Struisky
Trilunny see: Struisky
Stucevski see: Stuchevsky
Stucevskij see: Stuchevsky
Stutchewsky see: Stuchevsky
Stutschewskey see: Stuchevsky
Stutschewski see: Stuchevsky
Stutschewsky see: Stuchevsky
Styrca see: Styrcha
Sousman see: Sussmann (german)
Soussman see: Sussmann (german)
Soussmann see: Sussmann (german)
Zusman see: Sussmann (german)
Swan, Alfred see: Svan
Svechnikov see: Sveshnikov
Svetchnikov see: Sveshnikov
Sweschnikow see: Sveshnikov
Swetlanov see: Svetlanov
Swetlanow see: Svetlanov
Swiridov see: Sviridov
Swiridow see: Sviridov
Szeluta see: Szeluto
Szymanowskaya see: Szymanowska (polish)
Wolowska see: Szymanowska (polish)
Szimanowski see: Szymanowski (polish)
Szimanowsky see: Szymanowski (polish)
Szymanovski see: Szymanowski (polish)
Szymanovsky see: Szymanowski (polish)
Szymanowsky see: Szymanowski (polish)
Taborovskij, Stanislav see: Taborowski (polish)
Taborovsky, Stanislav see: Taborowski (polish)
Tadjiev see: Tadzhiyev
Tadziev see: Tadzhiyev
Tajiev see: Tadzhiyev
Tajiyev see: Tadzhiyev
Taktakichvili see: Taktakishvili
Taktakischwili see: Taktakishvili
Taktakishvilli see: Taktakishvili
Taktakisjvili see: Taktakishvili
Taktakisvili see: Taktakishvili
Taktaschwili see: Taktakishvili
Tallat Kjalisa see: Tallat Kelpsa
Taljan, Verdkes see: Talyan
Tamiulionis see: Tamulionis
Taneev see: Taneyev
Taneieff see: Taneyev
Taneiev see: Taneyev
Taneiew see: Taneyev
Tanejev see: Taneyev
Tanejew see: Taneyev
Tariverdiev see: Tariverdiyev
Tariwerdiev see: Tariverdiyev
Tariwerdiew see: Tariverdiyev
Tariwerdjev see: Tariverdiyev
Tarnopolski see: Tarnopolsky
Tarnopolskij see: Tarnopolsky
Tashjian, Nikogos see: Tashchyan
Teplow see: Teplov
Ter Gevondian see: Ter Gevondyan
Ter Gevondjan see: Ter Gevondyan
Ter Gewondjan see: Ter Gevondyan
Ter Tadevosyan see: Ter Tatevosyan
Ter Tatevosian see: Ter Tatevosyan
Ter Tatevosjan see: Ter Tatevosyan
Ter Tatewosian see: Ter Tatevosyan
Ter Tatewosjan see: Ter Tatevosyan
Ter Tetevosyan see: Ter Tatevosyan
Terauski see: Teravsky
Terawsky see: Teravsky
Teregulow see: Teregulov
Terentev see: Terentyev
Terentiev see: Terentyev
Terterayn see: Terteryan
Terterian see: Terteryan
Terterjan see: Terteryan
Tevdoraje see: Tevdoradze
Teves see: Tewes (german)
Dietz, Anton Ferdinand (1742-1810) see: Tietz (german)
Dietz, August see: Tietz (german)
Dietzsch, Anton Ferdinand (1742-1810) see: Tietz (german)
Dietzsch, August see: Tietz (german)
Tits, Anton Ferdinand (1742-1810) see: Tietz (german)
Tits, August see: Tietz (german)
Titz, Anton Ferdinand (1742-1810) see: Tietz (german)
Titz, August see: Tietz (german)
Tigranian see: Tigranyan
Tigranjan see: Tigranyan
Tigranov, Nikogaios see: Tigranyan
Tikhorimov see: Tikhomirov
Tichonow see: Tikhonov
Cikocki see: Tikotsky
Cikouski see: Tikotsky
Tikhotsy see: Tikotsky
Tikotski see: Tikotsky
Tikotskij see: Tikotsky
Tikozki see: Tikotsky
Tsikotski see: Tikotsky
Tsikotsky see: Tikotsky
Zhikozki see: Tikotsky
Zhikozkki see: Tikotsky
Timoschenko see: Timoshenko
Tichtchenko see: Tishchenko
Tiscenko see: Tishchenko
Tischtschenko see: Tishchenko
Tisenko see: Tishchenko
Tishcenko see: Tishchenko
Tishenko see: Tishchenko
Tishschenko see: Tishchenko
Titoff see: Titov
Titow see: Titov
Dietz, Mikhail (1898-1978) see: Tits (russian)
Dietzsch, Mikhail (1898-1978) see: Tits (russian)
Tietz, Mikhail (1898-1978) see: Tits (russian)
Titz, Mikhail (1898-1978) see: Tits (russian)
Tolstaia see: Tolstaya
Tolstiakow see: Tolstiakov
Rostislav, Feofil see: Tolstoy
Tolstoi see: Tolstoy
Tolstoj see: Tolstoy
Tolstov see: Tolstoy
Tomtschin see: Tomtschin
Toradse see: Toradze
Toraje see: Toradze
Trambickij see: Trambitsky
Trambicky see: Trambitsky
Trambitski see: Trambitsky
Trambitskij see: Trambitsky
Trambizkij see: Trambitsky
Triodine see: Triodin
Trosin see: Troshin
Trojanovski see: Troyanovsky
Trojanovskij see: Troyanovsky
Trutovski see: Trutovsky
Trutowski see: Trutovsky
Zabadse see: Tsabadse
Tsfassman see: Tsfasman
Cincadze see: Tsintsadze
Cincaje see: Tsintsadze
Zinzadsde see: Tsintsadze
Zinzadse see: Tsintsadze
Zinzadze see: Tsintsadze
Cvetaev see: Tsvetayev
Cvetayev see: Tsvetayev
Tsvetaev see: Tsvetayev
Cvetaeva see: Tsvetayeva
Tsvetkuv see: Tsvetkov
Zwetkow see: Tsvetkov
Tsybine see: Tsybin
Cytovich see: Tsytovich
Cytowich see: Tsytovich
Tsitovich see: Tsytovich
Zytovich see: Tsytovich
Zytowitsch see: Tsytovich
Tuchmanow see: Tukhmanov
Tulebaev see: Tulebayev
Tulebajev see: Tulebayev
Tulikow see: Tulikov
Tumanisvili see: Tumanishvili
Tumanian see: Tumanyan
Tumanjan see: Tumanyan
Turcaninov see: Turchaninov
Turchaninon see: Turchaninov
Turchaninow see: Turchaninov
Turtschaninow see: Turchaninov
Turtshaninoff see: Turchaninov
Turtshaninov see: Turchaninov
Turankov see: Turenkov
Turankow see: Turenkov
Tuskia see: Tuskiya
Tuskija see: Tuskiya
Tyntesjan see: Tyntesyan
Tiomkin see: Tyomkin
Tiomkine see: Tyomkin
Tiulin see: Tyulin
Tjulin see: Tyulin
Ussachevsky see: Usachevsky
Ussachewsky see: Usachevsky
Ouspenski see: Uspensky
Uspenski see: Uspensky
Uspenskij see: Uspensky
Oestvolskaja see: Ustvolskaya
Oustvolskaia see: Ustvolskaya
Ustvolskaia see: Ustvolskaya
Ustvolskaja see: Ustvolskaya
Ustwolskaja see: Ustvolskaya
Ustwolskaya see: Ustvolskaya
Utkins see: Utkin
Wagner, Genrikh see: Vagner (russian)
Wagner, Heinrich (1922-) see: Vagner (russian)
Vajnberg, Yakov see: Vainberg
Vaynberg, Yakov see: Vainberg
Weinberg, Jacob see: Vainberg
Vajner, Lazar see: Vainer
Vayner, Lazar see: Vainer
Weiner, Lazar see: Vainer
Vajraukh, August Heinrich (1788-1865) see: Vairaukh
Vayraukh, August Heinrich (1788-1865) see: Vairaukh
Weirauch, August Heinrich (1788-1865) see: Vairaukh
Weyrauch, August Heinrich (1788-1865) see: Vairaukh
Vakhnianin see: Vakhnyanin
Vakhnianyn see: Vakhnyanin
Vakhnyanyn see: Vakhnyanin
Valeev see: Valeyev
Valter Kuhne see: Valter Kyuhne
Walter Kuhne see: Valter Kyuhne
Vanzhura see: Vancura (czech)
Vanzura see: Vancura (czech)
Wanczura see: Vancura (czech)
Wanskura see: Vancura (czech)
Wanzura see: Vancura (czech)
Warlamoff see: Varlamov
Warlamov see: Varlamov
Warlamow see: Varlamov
Vassilenko see: Vasilenko
Wasilenko see: Vasilenko
Wassilenko see: Vasilenko
Vasilev see: Vasilyev
Vasiliev see: Vasilyev
Vasiljev see: Vasilyev
Vasilyev Svyatoshenko see: Vasilyev
Vassiliev see: Vasilyev
Vassilyev see: Vasilyev
Wassilew see: Vasilyev
Vasilev Buglaj see: Vasilyev Buglay
Vasiliev Buglay see: Vasilyev Buglay
Vasilyev Buglai see: Vasilyev Buglay
Vasilev Svjatosenko see: Vasilyev Svyatoshenko
Vasiliev Svjatosenko see: Vasilyev Svyatoshenko
Wassilewa see: Vasilyeva
Wazadse see: Vatsadze
Vedeljev see: Vedel
Vedelskij see: Vedel
Wedel, Artemy see: Vedel
Vejmarn see: Veimarn
Weimarn see: Veimarn
Weymarn see: Veimarn
Rimskaya Korsakova, Yuliya see: Veisberg
Vejsberg see: Veisberg
Veysberg see: Veisberg
Veysburg see: Veisberg
Weisberg, Yuliya see: Veisberg
Weissberg, Yuliya see: Veisberg
Weprik see: Veprik
Verbitski see: Verbitsky
Verbitzkij see: Verbitsky
Verbyckyj see: Verbitsky
Verbytsky see: Verbitsky
Verbytskyi see: Verbitsky
Verikivsky see: Verikovsky
Verykivsky see: Verikovsky
Verykivskyj see: Verikovsky
Werikowski see: Verikovsky
Wermenitsch see: Vermenich
Verstovski see: Verstovsky
Verstovskij see: Verstovsky
Vertovsky see: Verstovsky
Werstoffsky see: Verstovsky
Werstowski see: Verstovsky
Vertinskij see: Vertinsky
Vertinskyj see: Vertinsky
Wertinski see: Vertinsky
Verevka see: Veryovka
Vettig see: Vettik
Velgorski see: Vielgorsky
Velgorskij see: Vielgorsky
Velgorsky see: Vielgorsky
Vielgorski see: Vielgorsky
Vielgorskij see: Vielgorsky
Vielhorski see: Vielgorsky
Vielhorsky see: Vielgorsky
Viyelgorski see: Vielgorsky
Viyelgorsky see: Vielgorsky
Vyelgorski see: Vielgorsky
Vyelgorsky see: Vielgorsky
Wielgorksi see: Vielgorsky
Wielgorski see: Vielgorsky
Wielgorsky see: Vielgorsky
Wielhorski see: Vielgorsky
Wielhorsky see: Vielgorsky
Vilbua see: Vilboa
Villebois see: Vilboa
Wildanov see: Vildanov
Wildanow see: Vildanov
Vilinski see: Vilinsky
Villoing see: Villuan
Wilm, Nikolay see: Vilm
Winkler, Aleksandr see: Vinkler
Vinogradoff see: Vinogradov
Vinogradow see: Vinogradov
Vinogradskij see: Vinogradsky
Winogradski see: Vinogradsky
Winogradsky see: Vinogradsky
Vishkarev see: Vishkaryov
Vishkariev see: Vishkaryov
Vishkariov see: Vishkaryov
Vishkaryev see: Vishkaryov
Visotski see: Visotsky
Vysotskij see: Visotsky
Vysotsky see: Visotsky
Vyssotsky see: Visotsky
Vitacek see: Vitachek
Witachek see: Vitachek
Vitelaro see: Vitelyaro
Vitol see: Vitols
Wihtol, Jazeps see: Vitols
Wihtols see: Vitols
Ittsegson see: Vladimirov
Wlasow see: Vlasov
Wlassow see: Vlasov
Vojatshek, Hynek see: Vojacek (czech)
Voyachek, Hynek see: Vojacek (czech)
Wolfensohn see: Volfenzon
Volkonski see: Volkonsky
Volkonskij see: Volkonsky
Wolkonski see: Volkonsky
Volkof see: Volkov
Volkoff see: Volkov
Wolkow see: Volkov
Voloschinov see: Voloshinov
Volosinov see: Voloshinov
Woloschinov see: Voloshinov
Wolossowa see: Volosova
Mlaka, Danilo see: Vorobchievici (romanian)
Vorobkevic see: Vorobchievici (romanian)
Vorobkevich see: Vorobchievici (romanian)
Vorobkevyc see: Vorobchievici (romanian)
Vorobkevych see: Vorobchievici (romanian)
Vorobkievich see: Vorobchievici (romanian)
Vorobev see: Vorobyov
Vorobief see: Vorobyov
Vorobiev see: Vorobyov
Vorobjov see: Vorobyov
Vorobyev see: Vorobyov
Worobjow see: Vorobyov
Voevodin see: Voyevodin
Wojewodin see: Voyevodin
Wrangel, Vasily see: Vrangel
Wrangell, Vasily see: Vrangel
Wurm, Karl see: Vurm (russian)
Voustine see: Vustin
Wustin see: Vustin
Vyrostov see: Vyrostkov
Wyrostkov see: Vyrostkov
Vishnegradsky see: Vyshnegradsky
Visjnegradski see: Vyshnegradsky
Vysnegradskij see: Vyshnegradsky
Vysnegradsky see: Vyshnegradsky
Wischnegradsky see: Vyshnegradsky
Wyschnegradsky see: Vyshnegradsky
Wyshnegradsky see: Vyshnegradsky
Vainberg, Moisey see: Weinberg, Mieczyslaw (polish)
Vajnberg, Moisey see: Weinberg, Mieczyslaw (polish)
Vaynberg, Moisey see: Weinberg, Mieczyslaw (polish)
Vurm, Vasily see: Wurm (german)
Jaitschkow see: Yaitchkov
Yaichkov see: Yaitchkov
Jachin see: Yakhin
Yachin see: Yakhin
Jakoviev see: Yakovlev
Jakowlew see: Yakovlev
Yakoviev see: Yakovlev
Akusenko see: Yakushenko
Akushenko see: Yakushenko
Jakuschenko see: Yakushenko
Jakushenko see: Yakushenko
Yakuschenko see: Yakushenko
Jakuschew see: Yakushev
Jampilov see: Yampilov
Jampilova see: Yampilov
Jampiov see: Yampilov
Ancenko see: Yanchenko
Anchenko see: Yanchenko
Jancenko see: Yanchenko
Janchenko see: Yanchenko
Janschenko see: Yanchenko
Jantschenko see: Yanchenko
Yantschenko see: Yanchenko
Yenchenko see: Yanchenko
Janov Janovski see: Yanov Yanovsky
Janov Janovskij see: Yanov Yanovsky
Janow Janowski see: Yanov Yanovsky
Yanov Yanovski see: Yanov Yanovsky
Yanov, Dmitry see: Yanov Yanovsky
Yanov, Feliks see: Yanov Yanovsky
Janovskij see: Yanovsky
Janovsky see: Yanovsky
Janovskyj see: Yanovsky
Yanovski see: Yanovsky
Yaroshevskaya see: Yaroshevska
Yarovynsky see: Yarovinsky
Jarullin see: Yarullin
Yastrebtsev see: Yastrebtsov
Acevic see: Yatsevich
Jatsevich see: Yatsevich
Yatsynevich see: Yatsinevich
Yatsynevych see: Yatsinevich
Javorskij see: Yavorsky
Javorsky see: Yavorsky
Javorskyj see: Yavorsky
Jefimov see: Yefimov
Yefremov see: Yefimov
Eghiazarian see: Yegiazaryan
Eghiazarjan see: Yegiazaryan
Eghiazarov see: Yegiazaryan
Eghiazaryan see: Yegiazaryan
Egiazarian see: Yegiazaryan
Egiazarjan see: Yegiazaryan
Egiazaryan see: Yegiazaryan
Eguiazarian see: Yegiazaryan
Jeghiasaryan see: Yegiazaryan
Jegiasarian see: Yegiazaryan
Yeghiazarian see: Yegiazaryan
Yeghiazaryan see: Yegiazaryan
Yegiazarian see: Yegiazaryan
Ekimovski see: Yekimovsky
Ekimovskii see: Yekimovsky
Ekimovskij see: Yekimovsky
Ekimovsky see: Yekimovsky
Ekimowski see: Yekimovsky
Ekimowsky see: Yekimovsky
Jekimovski see: Yekimovsky
Jekimovskij see: Yekimovsky
Jekimowski see: Yekimovsky
Jekimowskij see: Yekimovsky
Ekmalian see: Yekmalyan
Ekmaljan see: Yekmalyan
Ekmalyan see: Yekmalyan
Yekmalian see: Yekmalyan
Engalycev see: Yengalychev
Engalychev see: Yengalychev
Erkanian see: Yerkanyan
Erkanjan see: Yerkanyan
Erkanyan see: Yerkanyan
Jerkanian see: Yerkanyan
Jerkanjan see: Yerkanyan
Jerkanyan see: Yerkanyan
Yerkanian see: Yerkanyan
Yerkanjan see: Yerkanyan
Ermolaev see: Yermolayev
Ermolayev see: Yermolayev
Jermolajev see: Yermolayev
Jermolajew see: Yermolayev
Yermolaev see: Yermolayev
Jerzakovich see: Yerzakovich
Esaulov see: Yesaulov
Petrov, Andrey Petrovich (1800-1850) see: Yesaulov
Petrov, Anthony see: Yesaulov
Evgenev see: Yevgenyev
Evgeniev see: Yevgenyev
Yevgeniyev see: Yevgenyev
Evlachov see: Yevlakhov
Evlahkov see: Yevlakhov
Evlahov see: Yevlakhov
Evlakhov see: Yevlakhov
Evlakov see: Yevlakhov
Ewlachow see: Yevlakhov
Jewlachov see: Yevlakhov
Jewlachow see: Yevlakhov
Yevlahov see: Yevlakhov
Evseev see: Yevseyev
Evsejev see: Yevseyev
Evsejew see: Yevseyev
Evseyev see: Yevseyev
Evseyew see: Yevseyev
Jevsejev see: Yevseyev
Jevsejew see: Yevseyev
Jewsejew see: Yevseyev
Iorish see: Yorish
Judakov see: Yudakov
Judin see: Yudin
Judina see: Yudina
Juferov see: Yuferov
Youferoff see: Yuferov
Jukecev see: Yukechev
Yukecev see: Yukechev
Yuketzev see: Yukechev
Juon, Paul see: Yuon
Jyuon see: Yuon
Zjuon see: Yuon
Jurasovskij see: Yurasovsky
Jurassowsky see: Yurasovsky
Yuranovsky see: Yurasovsky
Yurassovsky see: Yurasovsky
Jurovski see: Yurovsky
Jurovsky, Vladimir see: Yurovsky
Jurowski see: Yurovsky
Joussoupov see: Yusupov
Joussoupow see: Yusupov
Jusupof see: Yusupov
Jusupoff see: Yusupov
Jusupov see: Yusupov
Youssoupoff see: Yusupov
Youssoupov see: Yusupov
Yussupoff see: Yusupov
Yussupov see: Yusupov
Yussupow see: Yusupov
Jusupova see: Yusupova
Yussupova see: Yusupova
Jutsevich see: Yutsevich
Tsabel, Albert see: Zabel (german)
Zagorschi see: Zagorsky
Zagorschy see: Zagorsky
Zagorskii see: Zagorsky
Zagortsev, Vasily see: Zagorsky
Zahortsev see: Zagortsev
Zagranichnij see: Zagranichny
Zakarian, Karo see: Zakaryan
Zakarian, Suren see: Zakaryan
Zacharevitch see: Zakharevich
Zacharewitsch see: Zakharevich
Sacharov see: Zakharov
Sacharow see: Zakharov
Zacharov see: Zakharov
Zacharow see: Zakharov
Zacharova see: Zakharova
Zalite see: Zalitis
Zarembski, Yuly see: Zarebski, Juliusz (polish)
Zarembsky, Yuly see: Zarebski, Juliusz (polish)
Zarin, Margers see: Zarins
Satajewitsch see: Zatayevich
Satayevich see: Zatayevich
Zataevic see: Zatayevich
Zatajevitj see: Zatayevich
Zatayevitch see: Zatayevich
Zatayewitch see: Zatayevich
Zavadski see: Zavadsky
Zavadskij see: Zavadsky
Zavadskiy see: Zavadsky
Zavadskyj see: Zavadsky
Zeidmann see: Zeidman
Seinalli see: Zeinally
Zeinaly see: Zeinally
Zejnally see: Zeinally
Zejnaly see: Zeinally
Zeynally see: Zeinally
Zak, Abram see: Zhak
Zak, Yakov see: Zhak
Zarkovsky see: Zharkovsky
Shdanoff see: Zhdanov
Shdanov see: Zhdanov
Zdanov see: Zhdanov
Jelobinski see: Zhelobinsky
Jelobinsky see: Zhelobinsky
Shelobinski see: Zhelobinsky
Shelobinsky see: Zhelobinsky
Zhelobinski see: Zhelobinsky
Zjelobinski see: Zhelobinsky
Zjelobinsky see: Zhelobinsky
Schemtschuschni see: Zhemchuzhny
Zhemchuzhnyy see: Zhemchuzhny
Ziganoff see: Zhiganov
Ziganov see: Zhiganov
Zjiganov see: Zhiganov
Zhilyaev see: Zhilyayev
Schitomirski see: Zhitomirsky
Shitomirski see: Zhitomirsky
Shitomirsky see: Zhitomirsky
Zitomirskij see: Zhitomirsky
Zitomirsky see: Zhitomirsky
Givotoff see: Zhivotov
Schiwotow see: Zhivotov
Zivotov see: Zhivotov
Zubanov see: Zhubanov
Zubanow see: Zhubanov
Zubanova see: Zhubanova
Zukovskij see: Zhukovsky
Zukovskj see: Zhukovsky
Zukovsky see: Zhukovsky
Zukovskyj see: Zhukovsky
Zilbertz see: Zilberts
Siloti see: Ziloti
Cimbalist see: Zimbalist
Tsimbalist see: Zimbalist
Siring see: Ziring
Siv see: Ziv
Znosko Borowsky see: Znosko Borovsky
Sograbian see: Zograbyan
Sograbjan see: Zograbyan
Zograbian see: Zograbyan
Zohrabian see: Zograbyan
Zohrabyan see: Zograbyan
Kuyumzhi see: Zolotaryov
Solotariov see: Zolotaryov
Solotarjew see: Zolotaryov
Solotarjov see: Zolotaryov
Solotarjow see: Zolotaryov
Solotaryov see: Zolotaryov
Zolotareff see: Zolotaryov
Zolotarev see: Zolotaryov
Zolotarew see: Zolotaryov
Zolotariov see: Zolotaryov
Zolotarjov see: Zolotaryov
Zolotarjow see: Zolotaryov
Zolotarov see: Zolotaryov
Zolotaryev see: Zolotaryov
Zolotarjova see: Zolotaryova
Zolotuchin see: Zolotukhin
Zubitski see: Zubitsky
Zubitskyy see: Zubitsky
Zubytsky see: Zubitsky
Svanzov see: Zvantsov
Sverev see: Zverev