Ferdinand Sachse 14.oct.1824-23.feb.1917 Germany, Latdorf - Hannover
clarinetist, with the Guard Cavalry and the Hofcapelle in Hannover, 1857 residing at Hainholzerstrasse 6, 1862-1865 at Nordfelderreihe 14 and 1898 at Cellerheerstrasse 8 ; possibly related to trumpeter/composer Ernst Sachse (1813-5.oct.1870, 1833-1851 active in Weimar) ; not related to trumpeter Friedrich Sachsse (Bendeleben 1809-15.jan.1893 Hannover) because their surnames were consistently given different in the same Hannover city directories: Friedrich Sachsse and Ferdinand Sachse

Title Parts

[] Tyrolienne fur pianoforte
composed by F. Sachsse - most likely Friedrich Sachsse
pub Nagel, Hannover June/July 1840

[] Bums-Vallera. Galopp, arr. von C. W. Ellissen
composed by Sachsse - most likely Friedrich Sachsse
pub Hornemann, Hannover January 1849

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