Saunders, Herbert Maximillian 'Max' 6.mar.1903-26.nov.1983 England, London West Ham - Hampshire, Petersfield
violinist, violist, pianist, self-taught, after 1910 his family emigrated to Auckland New Zealand, he played in the drum-and-fife band at Richmond Road School in Auckland, 1914 started learning violin and viola, musician and conductor of the orchestra of Regent Cinema in Auckland, 1926 employed as signwriter/engraver residing at 5 Prospect Square, 1930 at 24 Sylvan Avenue and 1933 at 10 Brentwood Avenue in Auckland, 1931 conductor of the King's Cross orchestra in Sydney, violinist, conductor and orchestrator for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, he left with his wife, child and violin for England, violinist of the Paramount Theatres and Margate Municipal Orchestra, later orchestrator for BBC radio shows and tv films, 1948-1972 co-founder of the New Zealand Music Society in London

Title Parts

Sonatina. Mouth-harp and piano
[] The Lord's prayer. From the Edric Connor collection of West Indian spirituals and folk tunes, tune taken down by Olive R. B. Pattison. Unison song
pub Boosey & Co, London / New York 1945

[] Nocturne. Song
words Toni McGrath
pub Graham Gill, J. & W. Chester Ltd., London 1947

[] With blue brocade and dainty shoe. Minuet. Orchestra
pub Bosworth, London 1948

[] Come to the dance (Haere mai kite kani kani), a Maori folk tune for SATB
pub J.& W. Chester, London 1948

[] A toy suite. Piano
with fingering by Joan Saunders
pub Graham Gill, J. & W. Chester, London 1952
[] 1 - The march of the tin soldiers
[] 2 - The doll's serenade
[] 3 - The golliwog dances
[] Interludium. String orchestra
pub G. Ricordi & Co., London 1954

[] Trio. Flute, viola and bassoon
pub G. Ricordi & Co., London 1955

[] Fairy boat. SSA female voices and piano accompaniment
words Thomas Hood
pub Alfred Lengnick, London 1959

[] Three merry ghosts. TTBB male voices with piano accompaniment
words Thomas Love Peacock
pub Alfred Lengnick & Co., London 1959

[] Three jovial huntsmen. TTBB men's voices
pub Alfred Lengnick & Co., London 1963

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