Scaife, George Arthur bap.9.sep.1874-22.may.1960 England Yorkshire, York - York
choral trainer, 1891 aged 16 schoolteacher in York residing at 18 Fountayne Street, 1901 schoolmaster and professor of music residing at 22 Markham Street, 1901-1946 headmaster of York Minster Choir School, 1907-1908 editor of the 'Old Choir Boys' Magazine, York Minster', 1910 he published 'Royal Genealogical Chart of the Sovereigns of England', 1911 residing at 7 Feversham Crescent Clifton, 1915 he published a history of York Cathedral, 1927 co-editor of 'Us and our song-school York Minster 627 to 1927', at time of death residing at Ingerthorpe 33 Water End in York Clifton, buried at All Saints church in York Huntington ; son of bricklayer Thomas Scaife (York 11.apr.1850-1919 York) and Emma Cade (York 1853-7.may.1945 York) ; 1897 in York he married Alice Maria Rowntree (York 20.sep.1871-25.apr.1966 York Haxby)

Title Parts

Psalm 52 Quid gloriaris (Why boastest thou thyself, thou tyrant). Choir and organ
St Paul's Cathedral Choir / John Scott, Andrew Lucas. Hyperion 11004

[] Musical Intervals made easy, for pupil teachers, &c. A. Brown & Sons, London 1902
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