Schumann, Johannes Petrus (Johan Peter) 11.oct.1777-19.jan.1865 Netherlands, Haarlem - Haarlem
pianist, organist, studied organ with Jan Radeker, 10.jan.1801-24.apr.1858 organist of the Grote of St Bavokerk in Haarlem, although very appreciated by the audience, Carl Friedrich Zelter wrote to Goethe about the tawdry programs that he played, slipper parades, solely focused on sensation using all the possible extremes of the famous Muller organ, 15.feb.1830 appointed singing teacher at Wigbold Weidner's Zangschool voor kinderen uit den beteren stand, 24.jun.1847 he was invited to test the new Gebroeders Lohman organ at the St Pieterskerk in Leiden, 13.jun.1850 on the last day of the Muzijkfeest te Haarlem he opened the Zangwedstrijd for 17 Liedertafel with a total of 400 singers ; he married A Verponden ; their eldest son Johannes Peter Schumann died 30.dec.1830 aged 19 while in military service in Surabaya ; another son was organist H C Schumann

Title Parts

[] Jagerslied. Choir and orchestra. Schouwburg, Haarlem 12feb1831
[] Ouverture Cosi fan tutte. Organ
this was his showpiece which he often played, it gained him admiration by his audience but the condemnation by Zelter

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