Shatrov, Ilya Alekseyevich 1.apr.1879-2.may.1952 Russia Voronezh, Zemlyanskaya - Tambov
bandmaster, 1893 drummer and trumpeter in the Grodno Hussars Life Guards Regiment, 1903 graduated from the Warsaw Music Institute, 1903 major and bandmaster of the Mokshansky Infantry Regiment band and February 1905 present on the battlefield of Mukden in Manchuria during the Russian-Japanese war in which Russia suffered a humiliating defeat, only seven band members and only 700 of the 4000 soldiers survived the breakthrough of the Japanese encirclement, 1918-1935 bandmaster of the Red Army Cavalry Brigade in Pavlograd, 1935-1938 of the Tambov Cavalry School, 1945-1951 of the Kirovabad garrison in the Transcaucasian district, 1951 head of the music department of the Tambov Suvorov Military School

Title Parts

[L] Na sopkakh Manchzhurii (On the hills of Manchuria) (original title: Moktanskii polk na sopkakh Manchzhurii / The Mokshansky regiment on the hills of Manchuria). Waltz. Baritone and orchestra. 1905
words Skitalca Petrov
based on the events of the 1905 battle of Mukden during the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905
published and copyrighted by a local music shop owner, Oskar F. Knaube (1866-1920) in Samara 1906 and later in Moscow
Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Moscow Chamber Orchestra / Constantine Orbelian. Delos 3315

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