Skrlova, Barbora (Barbara) (fem) 1975- Czechoslovakia, Brno
music therapist, as daughter of drug addicted parents she was raised by her grandparents in Vsetin, 2002 graduated in composition with Frantisek Emmert from the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, since 2000 she gave daily music lessons at a school for children and youth in Brno, May 2007 she was placed at the care facility Klokanek in Brno as supposed 13 year old adopted daughter Anna of a mother who was arrested on suspicion of abusing her two sons, 12.may.2007 she fled Klokanek and was found 8 months later in Norway impersonated as 14 year old boy Adam (her scary perfect transfiguration drew more attention from the press than the horrible case of abuse itself), because her real identity and share in the case had already been revealed during her absence she was imprisoned 9.jan.2008 in Brno, 24.oct.2008 she was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment on charge of aiding in the case of abuse, 8.feb.2012 she was released from prison

Title Parts

Let mouchy (The flight of the fly). Cello and piano. 1999
Pavlina Jelinkova-Hlucha, Alice Rajnohova. Lotos Records 0128-2
first prize in the 'Generace' composers competition in 1999

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