Smith, Roy Lamont 4.mar.1865-6.feb.1946 USA Nebraska, Fremont - California, San Diego (bur Fremont)
pianist, 1865-1902 he lived in Fremont, 1883 studied at Hershey School of Musical Art in Chicago, 1891 professor of music in Fremont, 1900-1930 he lived in Chattanooga Tennessee, 1915 in Los Angeles California, 1925 professor of music at the Cadek Conservatory of Music in Chattanooga ; son of James Gaylord Smith (12.sep.1824-30.jun.1915) and Nancy T Pneuman (10.aug.1831-10.sep.1878)

Title Parts

[] My homeland Tennessee. Song. 1925
words Miss Nell Grayson Taylor
1923 George Fort Milton of Chattanooga offered a prize for the best words and best music for a State song. It was selected by Mrs. George Fort Milton and Mrs. John I. Meek
pub I. R. Summers, Chattanooga, Tennessee 1926
printed by Zimmerman Print, Cincinnati, Ohio 1926
copyrighted by the Chattanooga Writers Club 1926
adopted as State song for Tennessee 10 April 1926
[a second unofficial State song by Frances Hannah Tranum was adopted 2 July 1931]

[] Concert etude. 1920
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