Sou Alle, Ali Ben (ne Soualle, Charles Jean Baptiste) 14.jul.1824-a1877 France Pas-de-Calais, Arras - France, ?
clarinetist, saxophonist, studied clarinet with Hyacinthe Klose at the Conservatoire de Paris, 1842 2d prix clarinet, 1844 1er prix clarinet, 1844 appointed bandmaster of the Marine de Senegal, 1847 he returned to Paris to enter the orchestra of the Opera Comique, 1848 he went to London where he played in the orchestra of Her Majesty's Theatre at Haymarket, 2.mar.1851 after he had learned to play the saxophone he debuted at Societe de L'Union Musicale in Paris, 22.aug.1852 he was hired by Jullien to play in his orchestra in London, shortly after he toured the Orient, 1853 Turkey where he changed his name to Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle and the name saxophone to turcophone (slightly modified saxophones of Adolphe Sax which he called turcophone, turcophono and turcophonini), since 1853 he always performed in turkish costume, 1853-1856 he was in Australia, Java, Singapore and Manilla, 1856 in China, Hong Kong, Canton, Hindustan, Calcutta India and Madrid, 8/20.aug.1864 he played every evening at the Royal Italian Opera House Covent Garden and October at the inauguration of the new English Opera at Covent Garden in London, 31.dec.1864 he gave a concert for the first time in his native Arras, 1865 he was ?former director of music for the Rajah of Mysore India, 27.mar.1865 he played in the Concert des Tuileries at Theatre Italien in Paris, 1865 he was in England to dedicate an album of his compositions to the Queen and Prince of Wales, 1877 he resided at Boulevard de Clichy 6 in Paris ; 11.sep.1847 in Arras he married couturiere Celestine Josephine Hequet ; son Victor Soualle (Arras 1849-12.apr.1851 Lezennes) ; son Edmond Soualle married Henriette Wertheimer on 17.jun.1877 in Paris

Title Parts

Souvenir de Natal "Reverie". Saxophone and piano. p1861
on a tune from the province Natal in South Africa
Arno Bornkamp, Ivo Janssen

[] Souvenirs de Java. Turcophone and piano. p1861
[] Souvenirs de l'Ile Maurice. Turcophone and piano. p1861
[] Souvenirs d'Angleterre (Souvenirs of England). Turcophone and piano. p1861
[] Souvenirs d'Ecosse (Souvenirs of Scotland)
[] Shanghai. Redowa waltz. p1861
dedication: to the ladies of Shanghai

[] Turkish. Polka
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 14jun1856

[] The Diggers. Polka
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 6oct1854

[] L'Australienne. Valse
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 14jun1853

[] Cheerily, men "the sailor's song"
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 4aug1853

[] Come back, ye happy days. Ballad
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 13aug1853
pub S. Ward, London 1864

[] Turki-Russian historical polka
composed on the arrival of news of the late victories of the Turks at Kalafat and Oltenitza
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 11mar1854

[] Mahahrajpore march
in commemoration of the eventful battle of the 40th Regiment in the East Indies
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 11mar1854

[] Tasmanian polka
dedication: to Sir William Thomas Denison
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 1nov1854

[] The Goulburn waltz
dedication: a mes amis de Goulburn (Australia)
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 23jan1855

[] Souvenir de Manille
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Australia 1857

[] Souvenirs d'Australie et de Manille. p1861
Gazette musicale de Paris 1857

[] A Sailor's life for me
pub S. Ward, London 1864

[] Come back thou happy dream
poetry by Frederick Enock
pub S. Ward, London 1864

[] The voice of the flower "Oh! forget me not"
poetry by Frederick Enock
pub S. Ward, London 1864

[] Solo sur des motifs de la Sonnambula. Saxophone
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle. Theatre Italien, Paris 2apr1865

[] Souvenir de Bade. Fantaisie variee. Clarinet and piano. p1861
published as A. Ben-Soualle by Jacques Pisa, Paris

[] La Bonne aventure. Turcophone
[] Souvenirs de Manille. Turcophone
[] Fantaisie sur la Sonnambula de Bellini. Turcophone
[] Mon bel ange, o ma Lucie!. Le sextuor et la cavatine de Lucie. Turcophone
[] Derniere rose d'ete. Fantaisie sur une melodie irlandaise. Turcophono
[] Fantaisie sur l'opera de Don Juan de Mozart. Turcophono
[] Souvenirs irlandais. Turcophonini
[] Souvenirs de Java. Turcophonini
[] Shanghai. Redowa-valse. Turcophonini
[] Souvenirs de la Bretagne. Clarinet
[] Clocher du Finistere. Clarinet
[] Le Petit oiseau. Rromance. Clarinet
Ali-Ben-Sou-Alle turcophone, turcophono, turcophonini, grande et la petite clarinette, Defries, Chevalier and Laville piano. Pondichery 1may1857

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