Spiro nee Rombro, Assia 26.feb.1873- Russia Ukraine, Kagalnik - ?, ?
jewish violinist and violin teacher, somewhere between 1891 and 1909 she lived in Rome Italy where she married Friedrich Spiro, 1909 with Eugenio Albini and Giovanni Manzi she formed an international society for chamber music in Rome, 1910 she and her husband were hosts for Alma and Gustav Mahler during their visit to Rome, 1910-1911 she was correspondent contributor from Rome for the Musikalisches Wochenblatt of Berlin, 1911 she lived at 16 Via di Villa Patrizi in Rome, 29.may/3.jun.1911 she took part as specialist on teaching the violin in the congress of the International Society of Music in London, she wrote an article 'Need for daily lessons' in The Etude of November 1912, the WWI advancements in 1915 forced her to move with her husband to Berlin, 1939 being both jewish they were forced to flee from the nazis to Switzerland settling in Basel, she possessed and left to her heirs in Basel two manuscripts of Paul Geisler (1856-1919) 'Frithjof landfluchtig' for orchestra and 'Monologe' for piano ; between 1891 and 1909 in Rome she married pianist, musicologist and music editor for Breitkopf & Hartel Leipzig professor Friedrich Spiro (Berlin 28.dec.1863-13.sep.1940 Basel) who moved from Berlin to Rome in 1891

[rem: none of the compositions attributed to A Spiro are by Assia Spiro because all 55 romances and songs are by the same A Spiro whose opus 1 dates from 1873 ; see A Spiro]

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writing: Vorschlage zur reform des Violinunterrichts. Proposals for improving Violin-methods, and hints on teaching the Violin
by Frau Assia Spiro-Rombro, 16 Via di Villa Patrizi, Rome

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